DCE MRI in Cancer: From Bench to Bedside

Dachgarten     10:30 - 12:30         Chairs: Jeffrey L. Evelhoch and Frederik L. Giesel


Prog #

10:30 968.

The Assessment of Tumor Angiogenesis and Hypoxia Using Multi-Parametric and Multi-Modal Imaging

Christopher Chad Quarles1, Thomas E. Yankeelov1, Ronald R. Price1, John C. Gore1

1Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA


10:42 969.

Characterization of an Experimental Setup to Study in Vitro Permeability Properties of

Macromolecular Contrast Agents by DCE-MRI

Julien Vautier1, 2, Melanie Heilmann1, 2, Jean-Luc Dimicoli1, 2, Andreas Volk1, 2

1Institut Curie, Orsay, France; 2INSERM U759, Orsay, France


10:54 970.

DCE-MRI and Fluorescence Microscopy of Microvascular Permeability

Dominique Louise Jennings1, Arthur F. Gmitro1, Natarajan Raghunand1, Robert J. Gillies1

1University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA


11:06 971.

Differential Effects of VEGF Overexpression on Angiogenesis and ECM Integrity in Breast Cancer

Xenografts Pre-Selected for Their Invasiveness

Arvind P. Pathak1, Stephen McNutt1, Flonne Wildes1, Venu Raman1, Zaver M. Bhujwalla1

1The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


11:18 972.

Longitudinal Monitoring of Vascular Normalization with MRI Perfusion Imaging of 9L Gliosarcoma Tumor

Moses Morakortoi Darpolor1, 2, Francisca Cristina Wu2, Douglas E. Prah2, Eric S. Paulson2, Kathleen Marie Schmainda2

1Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; 2Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

11:30 973.

Simultaneous Dynamic R1 and R2* Measurement for AIF Assessment Combined with DCE MRI in a Mouse Tumor Model

Melanie Heilmann1, 2, Christine Walczak1, 2, Julien Vautier1, 2, Jean-Luc Dimicoli1, 2, Carole D. Thomas1, 2, Mihaela Lupu1, 2, Joel Mispelter1, 2, Andreas Volk1, 2

1Institut Curie, Orsay, France; 2INSERM U759, Orsay, France

11:42 974.

Comparison of Tumor Permeability/Perfusion Measured by Dynamic Contrast Enhanced CT and

MRI Analyzed with a Novel Arterial Input Function Estimation Method

Cheng Yang1, Masoom A. Haider2, Gregory S. Karczmar1, Michael Milosevic2, Ivan Yeung2, Walter M. Stadler1

1University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA; 2University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

11:54 975.

Mapping Concentration and Pressure Dependent Transfer  Constants in Tumors by Slow Infusion DCE-MRI

Yaron Hassid1, Raanan Margalit1, Erez Eyal1, Edna Furman-Haran1, Hadassa Degani1

1Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel


12:06 976.

Differentiating Tumor and Fibrosis Post-Treatment in Patients with Bladder Cancer Using Quantitative DCE-MRI

Stephanie Barbara Donaldson1, 2, Suzie C. Bonington1, Bernadette M. Carrington1, Alison Melling1, Louise Mullen1, Andrew P. Jones1, David L. Buckley2

1Christie Hospital NHS Trust, Manchester, UK; 2University of Manchester, Manchester, UK


12:18 977.

Quantitative Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI of Angiogenesis in VEGF-Enhanced Tissue-Engineered

Bladder Constructs Using Contrast Agents of Different Molecular Weights

Hai-Ling Margaret Cheng1, 2, Chad Wallis1, Zhiping Shou1, Walid A. Farhat1

1The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 2The University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada