Thermal Therapy

Hall 3     16:30 - 18:30         Chairs: John D. Hazle and Viola Rieke


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16:30 154.

Non-Invasive Absolute Temperature Imaging with TmDOTMA

Judy Rose James1, S K. Hekmatyar2, Y Gao2, M A. Miller2, P Hopewell2, A. Babsky2, Navin Bansal2

1Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA; 2Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

16:42 155.

Non-Invasive Spatial Control of Gene Activation by Local Heating with Focused Ultrasound Under

MRI Temperature Guidance

Roel Deckers1, Bruno Quesson1, Claire Rome1, Franck Couillaud1, Chrit Moonen1

1Laboratory for Molecular and Functional Imaging, Bordeaux, France

16:54 156.

Predictors of Success in MRI-Guided Focused Ultrasound Therapy of Uterine Leiomyomas

Zsuzsanna Maria Lenard1, 2, Nathan McDannold1, Fiona Fennessy1, Elizabeth A. Stewart1, Ferenc Jolesz1, Kullervo Hynynen1, Clare M. Tempany1

1Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; 2Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary

17:06 157.

MR Temperature Mapping and Diffusion-Weighted Imaging of Focused Ultrasound Surgery of Uterine

Fibroids: Preliminary Study

Magdalini C. Pilatou1, Elizabeth A. Stewart1, Stephan E. Maier1, Fiona Fennessy1, Kullervo Hynynen1, Clare M. C. Tempany1, Nathan McDannold1

1Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

17:18 158.

Targeted Treatment of Localized Regions Within the Prostate Gland Using MRI-Guided Transurethral

Ultrasound Therapy

Rajiv Chopra1, Nicole Baker1, Vanessa Choy1, Aaron Boyes1, Kee Tang1, Sree Appu1, Laurence Klotz1, Michael Bronskill1

1Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

17:30 159.

Radiofrequency Ablation of Porcine Adrenal Glands: Interactive Guidance on a High-Field Interventional

MR Scanner

Sherif G. Nour1, 2, Simi Paul1, Jens O. Heidenreich1, Jamal J. Derakhshan2, Fadi Abdulkarim1, Matthew E. Joseph1, Mark A. Griswold1, Jeffrey L. Duerk1, 2

1University Hospitals of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio, USA; 2Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

17:42 160.

MR-Guided Laser Induced Thermal Therapy in Normal Canine Brain: Pre-Clinical Device Evaluation

Roger Jason Stafford1, Jeffrey S. Weinberg1, Roger J. McNichols2, Ashok Gowda2, Anil Shetty1, Andrew M. Elliott1, Agatha Borne1, Rajesh Uthamanthil3, John D. Hazle3

1The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA; 2BioTex, Inc., Houston, Texas, USA; 3The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Houston, Texas, USA

17:54 161.

Temperature Mapping Considerations in the Breast with Spectroscopic Imaging: Internal Referencing

Significantly Improves Temperature Change Stability In Vivo

Nathan McDannold1, Agnieszka S. Barnes1, Frank J. Rybicki1, Koichi Oshio2, Nan-kuei Chen1, Kullervo Hynynen1, 3, Robert V. Mulkern4

1Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; 2Keio University, Japan; 3Sunnybrook & Women's Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 4Harvard Medical School and Children's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

18:06 162.

Simultaneous Monitoring of Temperature and Magnetization Transfer During HIFU Transmission: ex Vivo Experiments

Hsu-Hsia Peng1, Teng-Yi Huang2, Hsiao-Wen Chung1, Chih-Ching Wu1, Wen-Shiang Chen3, Wen-Yih Isaac Tseng4

1National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan; 2National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan; 3National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan; 4Medical College of National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

18:18 163.

Investigation of Temperature Dependent Phase Shift in Frozen Tissues During Cryoablation

Aiming Lu1, Bruce L. Daniel1, Kim Butts Pauly1

1Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA