Unsolved Problems and Unmet Needs in Magnetic Resonance: New Standards, Old Mysteries

Organizers:  Daniel K. Sodickson, M.D., Ph.D

Thursday, 24 May

Educational Objectives

This will be the second year of an initiative aimed at collecting, discussing and addressing key unsolved problems in our field, and the direction of the session has been determined by the papers submitted. The program will once again emphasize open discussion, in order to promote interactions and to foster innovation. Since unsolved problems may often be controversial, the sessions will also be an opportunity for lively and reasoned debate. . In order to continue the discussion after the meeting, results from the sessions and from the abstract solicitation will be posted on the ISMRM Website, and an online list of unsolved problems and unmet needs will be maintained and updated thereafter, serving both as a resource for new entrants into the field and as an ongoing challenge for established investigators.

13:30 Introduction Daniel K. Sodickson M.D., Ph.D.
Neurospectroscopy Will Miss the Boat - AGAIN: The Unmet Need for Universal
Standards and a Database
Jan Hövener
13:45 Standard for Interface, Data Collection and Analysis in Interventional MR Keyvan Farahani, Ph.D.
14:00 Barriers to Clinical Implementation of Non-Cartesian MR James Pipe Ph.D.
14:15 Trusting Flow Numbers in MRI: What Will it Take? New Directions Vinay Pai, Ph.D
14:30 MRI and Implanted Pacemakers: Can the Two Coexist? Warren Dabney, B.S., M.S.
14:45 When is the World Ready for Synthetic MRI? J.B.M. Warntjes, Ph.D
A Local Formula for Inhomogeneous Complex Conductivity as a Function of the
RF Magnetic Field
Adrian I. Nachman, Ph.D.

Can We Find Reason in Distorted Fields?  A Reconciliation Tale for Electromagnetic Fields Doomed to Corruption by Dielectric and Conductive Properties Of Biological Tissues Pierre-Francois van de Moortele, M.D.

15:30 Conclusions Daniel K. Sodickson M.D., Ph.D.