Foundations of Quantitative Imaging And Data Analysis

Skill level: Basic
Mark Jenkinson, Ph.D., Geoffrey J.M. Parker, Ph.D. Paul S. Tofts, D.Phil., Organizers

Saturday 19th May, Sunday 20th May
This one and a half day course will provide an introduction to the range of quantitative image and data analysis methods currently applied to MR data. It will cover the impact of analysis and post-processing techniques on the interpretation and quantification of data, as well as provide a broad foundation in analysis methodology. Basic methodologies will be introduced and discussed in detail while, for recent, advanced
methodologies, the general principles will be introduced but with less emphasis on detail. Applications of the methods will be demonstrated in a range of body areas.

Educational Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:
Describe the methods used for basic statistical analysis of quantitative MR parameters;
Identify sources of image/data artifact and be able to select and apply methods for artifact reduction;
Describe the principals of image registration, segmentation, and volume measurement, and select and use appropriate software
  implementations of them;
Describe the methods available for quantitative motion and flow measurement;
Identify key analysis and acquisition requirements for longitudinal and multi-centre quantitative MR studies;
Explain the basics of quantitative analysis of MR spectra;
Explain the basics of quantitative MR elastographic imaging; and
Evaluate the impact of quantitative analysis methodology on their research interests.

Audience Description

This course is designed for:
Individuals with little or no background in data analysis but with some understanding of mathematics and the basic science of MRI.
The content is suitable for either clinical or basic science researchers who have been, or will be, involved in analyzing MR data or designing methods
  for acquiring accurate quantitative data.
This course is especially suitable for those early in their career, including students, who wish to gain a foundation in data analysis methods for MR.
08:45 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis Paul S. Tofts, D. Phil.
Mapping of Quantitative MR Parameters 
Gareth J. Barker, Ph.D.
Break  Meet the Teachers
Statistical Analysis: Basic Methods
John Petkau, Ph.D.
Artifacts, Noise, Filtering and Compensation Techniques 
Geoffrey J.M. Parker, Ph.D.
Image Registration and Motion Correction 
Mark Jenkinson, Ph.D.
12:55 - 13:15  Meet the Teachers
Image Segmentation and Shape Fittings - not available
William R. Crum, Ph.D.
14:55 Quantitative Morphology: Volumes, Shapes and Voxel-Based Measures Bruce Fischl, Ph.D.
Break  Meet The Teachers
Bulk Flow Measurements and Angiography 
Dennis L. Parker, Ph.D.
Cardiac Motion Estimation and Modeling 
Elliot R. McVeigh, Ph.D.
17:40 - 18:00  Meet the Teachers
13:30 Data analysis issues associated with longitudinal and multi-centre studies  Derek L.G. Hill, Ph.D.
14:15 Elastography Modeling and Analysis  Armando Manduca, Ph.D.
15:00 Break  Meet The Teachers  
15:30 Spectroscopy Modeling and Analysis  Else  Rubaek Danielsen, Ph.D.
16:15 Quantitative Data in Clinical Practice  A. Gregory Sorensen, M.D.
17:00 Adjournment  
17:00 - 17:15  Meet The Teachers