Hyperpolarized Media MR Study Group 2007 Berlin Program
Wednesday, 23 May 2007 @ 19:30
Hall 4/5 ICC-Berlin




Hyperpolarized 3He Diffusion MRI from Basic Science to Clinical Applications.


1. What hyperpolarized 3He Diffusion MRI tells us about lung structure and lung disease?

           Talissa Altes (CHOP, UVA): He3 Diffusion MR in Children

            Jim Quirk (Washington University): What can be learned about emphysema progression from He3 Diffusion MR measurements?

2. What steps should be taken to move hyperpolarized gas MRI from research gadget to clinical tool?       

            Roundtable discussion


The Hyperpolarized Media MR Study Group gratefully acknowledge and thank Spectra Gases, Inc., for their sponsorship of refreshments for this meeting.

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