Joint Annual Meeting

Art 'n' Artifacts
Poster Exhibition

The artistic aspect of MR will be the focus of a newly introduced POSTER EXHIBITION in which all artistic incrediblehumorousunexpectedbeautiful – and whatever-else results in MRI shall be on  displayed for interested meeting participants.  The list of possible topics comprises:

  • Irreproducible results (which you may not be able to publish in a scientific journal, e.g.”The influence of High Field MR on the libido of Watanabe rabbits”,
  • Beautiful (but maybe useless) imaging results  (Artifacts),
  • Weird interpretation models for sophisticated techniques like spectroscopy, fMRI, and others;
  • Poems and lyrics on MR; short stories,
  • Whatever else you always wanted to share with the MR community.

Submission:  Please submit a short outline (free text, not more than one page) to

Deadline: 15 January 2007

A dedicated team from the Annual Meeting Program Committee will select the best submissions.  Authors will be informed before 15 April 2007.