Instructions for Submitting an
Application/Contract for Exhibit Space

Application/Contract Deadlines:
3 November 2006: Priority point deadline
1 December 2006: Full payment deadline

Please read!

STEP 1: Please read Exhibitor Rules and Regulations.

STEP 2: Please include the following when submitting your application/contract:

  • 35% Deposit if submitting prior to 1 December 2006.  All application/contracts submitted after 1 December must be accompanied by full payment.

  • Proof of commercial liability insurance, valid through the dates of the Exhibition, with the ISMRM named as an additional insured.  If an insurance certificate is not available at the time application/contract is submitted please provide no later than 60 (sixty) days prior to the start of the show.

  • A description of all materials to be displayed.  Brochures are acceptable.

  • Diagram of booth space, if space ordered exceeds 9 square meters.  All diagrams will be reviewed by the ISMRM and its Exhibition Manager to ensure compliance with rules, regulations, and fire codes.  If booth plan has not been finalized at the time application/contract is submitted, please provide no later than 30 (thirty) days prior to the start of the exhibition.

  • If you have a preference as to the location of your booth, please indicate this in the "Optional" section of the application/contract.  We do our best to honor preferences.  Please view the current floorplan.

STEP 3:  Print 2007 Exhibitor Application/Contract, complete, sign to indicate acceptance of Exhibitor Rules and Regulations, and fax or mail into the ISMRM central office, attention Katie Simmons, Director of Meetings:
  • Fax: +1 510 841 2340

  • Mail: ISMRM, 2118 Milvia Street, Suite 201, Berkeley CA 94704 USA

If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact:
Katie Simmons, Director of Meetings
Tel: +1 510 841 1899