Clinical Application of Cardiovascular Imaging

Organizers: Stefan G. Ruehm, M.D., Ph.D., Georg Bongartz, M.D.
Skill Level: Advanced

Tuesday 6 May, Wednesday 7 May, Thursday 8 May and Friday 9 May 2008


In four one-hour sessions, this course combines lectures on cardiac and vascular imaging, the latter focusing on MR Angiography of the body and the coronary system as well as on vessel wall assessment in atherosclerosis. Cardiac imaging plays an increasing role in MRI. It has proven to be more objective than ultrasound with respect to cardiac morphology and wall motion assessment. Contrast media-enhanced techniques enable straightforward approaches to myocardial perfusion as well as to the assessment of myocardial viability by late enhancement techniques. In the final part of the course, practical issues of MR imaging of atherosclerosis and of cardiac MRI will be offered.

Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe state of the art MR techniques for cardiac imaging;
  • List the various approaches to the assessment of cardiac function, perfusion, and viability;
  • Interpret cardiac MRI in various pathologies;
  • Explain recent approaches to vessel wall and luminal vascular imaging; and
  • Describe typical problems in cardiovascular imaging, including artifacts.

    Audience Description:

    This course is primarily aimed at radiologists, cardiologists, and physicians with an interest in cardiovascular imaging. The course is also appropriate for radiology technologists, physicists, and engineers interested in the imaging techniques currently used and clinical applications of cardiovascular MR in general.

      Vascular Diseases  
    7:00 MRA of Thoracic and Abdominal Vessels James C. Carr, M.D.
    7:20 Peripheral MRA Stefan G. Ruehm, M.D., Ph.D.
    7:40 Whole-Heart Coronary MRA Hajime Sakuma, M.D.
    8:00 Adjournment  
      Congenital Diseases and Cardiomyopathies  
    7:00 Congenital and Valvular Disease Jean-Paul Vallée, M.D.
    7:30 Cardiomyopathies and Inflammatory Cardiac Disease David A. Bluemke, M.D.
    8:00 Adjournment  
      Ischemic Disease  
    7:00 Global and Regional Function Matthias G. Friedrich, M.D.
    7:20 Myocardial Perfusion Juerg Schwitter, M.D.
    7:40 Myocardial Viability Peter Hunold, M.D.
    8:00 Adjournment  
      Practical Issues  
    7:00 Comprehensive Protocols for Imaging of Atherosclerosis Zahi A. Fayad, Ph.D.
    7:30 Comprehensive Protocols for Cardiac Imaging in Practice Jens Bremerich, M.D.
    8:00 Adjournment