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Category Award Program # Author Title
  1st 1697 Matti M. van Schooneveld Pharmacokinetics and bio-distribution of a novel silica-based multimodal nanoparticle
  2nd 1649 Maarten B. Kok Intracellular uptake of targeted paramagnetic contrast agent…..
  3rd 1690 Douglas Edward Prah In Vivo Mitochondrial Labeling using Mito-Carboxy Proxyl (Mito-CP) Enhanced….
  Honorable Mention 3234 Mangala Srinivas Longitudinal tracking and quantification of T cells using in vivo 19F MRI
  1st 3552 Martin Walter, Anke Henning and Simone Grimm Alterations in BOLD response and metabolite concentrations support decreased glial….
  2nd 3553 KiSueng Choi White matter disruption in early- and late-onset depression:...
  3rd 2255 Dhruman Goradia Schizophrenia but not Bipolar Adolescent Offspring Show Developmentally….
  Honorable Mention 2261 Priya Santhanam Emotional Arousal and Regulation in Adolescents Prenatally Exposed to Cocaine:….
  1st 3660 Sabine Weckbach Development of T-Scores for the diagnosis of osteoarthrosis…
  2nd 2578 Uma Sharma Effect of Oral Creatine on Muscle Metabolism of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy….  
  3rd 2548 Shantanu Dhamija Quantification of Knee Cartilage In Vivo In the MMT Model of Osteoarthritis….
  Honorable Mention 2527 Jeremy F. Magland In Vivo Trabecular Bone Micro-Imaging at Isotropic Resolution Using 3D FLASE….
  1st 3311 Daniel Güllmar Tracking of CE-MR-Angiography data using established approaches in DTI
  2nd 1906 Sune Jespersen Modeling the regulation of cerebral oxygen extraction by flow heterogeneity
  3rd 3434 Jeffrey Njus DCE-MRI Ktrans Mapping of MS Lesion Evolution in Individuals
  Honorable Mention 3328 Matthew Cheung Comparison of directional diffusion kurtoses and diffusivities….
White Matter        
  1st 2106 Cheryl McCreary Significant Brain Atrophy Precedes the Onset of Disability….
  2nd 2067 Megan Blackwell Contrast-enhanced ex vivo MR reveals inflammatory zone….
  3rd 1791 Markus Nilsson On the effects of a varied diffusion time in vivo:….
  Honorable Mention 2116 Madhavi Pai Elucidating the Involvement of Spino-Olivocerebellar Pathways….
Drug research        
  1st 2108 Laura Harson Mouse Brain DT-MRI:Assessment of Demyelination and Recovery
  2nd 2083 Willy Gsell Effect of Fluoxetine on the developing brain
  3rd 2496 Denise Welsh CBV fMRI in conscious animals using USPIO:….
Dynamic NMR        
  1st 1598 Dennis Klomp Proton Spectroscopic Imaging of the Human Prostate
In Vivo at 7T
  2nd 1644 Dinesh Deelchand Simultaneous Measurement of Neuronal and Glial Metabolism in Rat Brain In Vivo….
  3rd 1582 Yao Fu High speed magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging using wavelet encoding...
  Honorable Mention 1597 Jimin Ren Composition of Adipose Tissue and Marrow Fat by 1H MR Spectroscopy at 7 Tesla
Flow and Motion        
  1st 1377 William Kerwin Vortex Ring Formation in Diastolic Dysfunction: Phase Contrast MRI….
  2nd 3422 Vitaliy Rayz Assessment of intracranial aneurysm thrombosis….
  3rd 2833 Samuel Fielden A new methodology for determining aortic pulse wave velocity….
  Honorable Mention 1547 Jens Wuerfel MR elastography reveals tissue degeneration in Multiple Sclerosis patients
  1st 2832 Sergio Uribe 4D flow of the Whole Heart and Great Vessels at 3T….
  2nd 2923 Jing Yu Signal-to-Noise Ratio Enhancement in Coronary MRA Using Parallel Imaging
  3rd 963 Glenda van Bochove Passive Targeting of Atherosclerosis with Paramagnetic Lipid Nanoparticles….
  Honorable Mention 2915 Brandon Fornwalt Left Ventricular Internal Flow in Patients with Dyssynchronous Heart Failure….
  1st 2812 Sarah Busch Measurements of T1-Relaxation in ex Vivo Prostate Tissue at 132 μT
  2nd 2815 Jannie P. Wijnen Lactate Production in Human Brain Tumor; Detection by 13C MRS at 3T
  3rd 2794 Tammy Louise Kalber Development and Characterisation of a Tumour Specific Contrast Agent….
  Honorable Mention 2799 Priya Goel Quantitative Assessment of Glioma Therapy Efficacy….
  1st 1766 Aaron Grant Observation of anomalously long-lived hyperpolarized C13 states….
  2nd 2650 Jason Woods The Role of Collateral Pathways in Long-range 3He Diffusion
  3rd 3190 Matthew Merritt Reduction of the Myocardial Intracellular Matrix as Measured by Hyperpolarized 13C NMR
  Honorable Mention 1756 Ruud Bernardus van Heeswijk Detection and imaging of hyperpolarized 6-lithium in the rat brain in vivo
Brain function        
  1st 2316 Jason Tucciarone Detection of Thalamocortical Inputs of the Rat Whisker Barrel Field….
  2nd 2403 Nirvish Shah Reliability of the resting state fluctuation amplitude as a hemodynamic scaling parameter
  3rd 3575 Cheng Ouyang Volumetric Blood Flow Rate Measurement by Flow Enhancement of Signal Intensity (FENSI)
  Honorable Mention 3576 Oleg Leontiev Highly conserved CBF/CMRO2 coupling in human primary visual cortex…
  1st 1120 Stephan Biber Analog Optical Transmission of 4 MRI Receive Channels with high Dynamic Range….
  2nd 2962 Xin Chen Experimental Reduction of Acoustic Noise Through Cancellation of Impulsive Forces
  3rd 2981 Qin Xu An inexpensive and programmable separated coil CASL system
  Honorable Mention 2989 Martyn Paley Ultra-short echo time imaging using an independent spectrometer and coil insert
  1st 1197 Maythem Saeed Cardiovascular MR Imaging is a Platform for Percutaneous Transendocardial Delivery….
  2nd 3021 Rajiv Chopra Spatial and Temporal Accuracy of Heating Using MRI-Guided Transurethral Ultrasound….
  3rd 2994 David Woodrum Magnetic Resonance Delivery and Monitoring of Empty MR Visible Capsules:…
  Honorable Mention 1220 Selaka Bulumulla 3T MR Phased Array as a Hyperthermia Applicator
  1st 1045 Zhangwei Wang SAR and temperature compared to limits in simulations of a dedicated extremity coil
  2nd 2965 Sebastian Schmitter SPL prediction of arbitrary sequences
  3rd 1052 Ruiliang Wang Induced magnetic forces in the human head during MRI procedures: A group analysis
  Honorable Mention 1055 Florian Fidler Quantitaive comparison of RF heating on different MR scanners….
High Field        
  1st 1304 Kawin Setsompop Magnitude Least Squares Optimization for Parallel RF Excitation Design….
  2nd 2373 David Feinberg Sub-millimeter Single-shot 3D GRASE with Inner Volume Selection….
  3rd 2233 Myriam Chaumeil Microangiography of the primate brain at 7 Tesla using USPIO particles
  Honorable Mention 2218 Zang-Hee Cho High-resolution in vivo MR imaging of the human hippocampus at 7 Tesla
Acquisition Techniques        
  1st 1355 Guobin Li BLADE-VAT for Geometric Distortion Correction
  Honorable mention 3114 Maxim Zaitsev Requirements on the Accuracy of Navigators for Prospective Motion Correction…
Reconstruction and Post-Processing        
  1st 3151 Florian Sebert Compressed Sensing MRI with Random B1 field
  2nd 1341 James Pipe Design Metrics for Data Undersampling and Weighting Strategies
  3rd 3044 Sandra Meyers Reliability and Reproducibility of Myelin Water Fraction Analysis….
  Honorable Mention 1531 Ricardo Ferrari Analysis of bilateral asymmetries in breast MR images….
Other Neuro        
  1st 1965 Takehiko Takagi Diffusion Tensor Peripheral Nerve Tractography ~ Histological Changes….
  2nd 2107 Istvan Pirko Significant Brain Atrophy Precedes the Onset of Disability in a Murine Model….
  3rd 3286 Guangliang Ding MRI metrics detected axonal outgrowth and plasticity in rat brain after embolic stroke
  Honorable Mention 2226 Qing Wang Noninvasive Detection of Retina Degeneration in Mice Using Diffusion MRI at 11.74T
  1st 914 Himanshu Bhat Real Time Self Tracking of Contrast Kinetics for Whole Heart Coronary Artery….
  2nd 2038 Harald Kramer Continuous Table Movement for Peripheral MRA with Matrix Coils at 3.0T …. 
  3rd 2903 Junji Takahashi Optimization of Non-Contrast Renal MRA using a TI-Prep scan….
  Honorable Mention 2865 Darren Lum Increased Volume of Coverage for Abdominal Contrast-Enhanced MRA….