Unsolved Problems and Unmet Needs

Room 801 A/B

13:30 - 15:30

Chair: Daniel K. Sodickson

  Finding the Best Probe and the Ideal Image
13:30 Proffered Abstract: An NIH Roadmap Initiative to Enhance Progress in Imaging Sciences by Facilitating the Supply of Molecular Imaging Probes Compositions
Gary Griffiths
13:50 Proffered Abstract: Objective Comparison of Alternate Reconstruction Evaluation Strategies: An Unmet Need
Feng Huang
14:10 Invited Talk: Sharing has its Benefits: Proposals for Reconstruction Evaluation Standards and Code/Data Sharing
James G. Pipe
  B0 and the Body: Can we Quantify Fat from Fields and Fields from Fat?
14:30 Proffered Abstract: Can MRI Represent an Accurate Quantitative Tool for Assessing Fat Distribution in Obesity Research?
Hochun Harry Hu
14:50 Proffered Abstract: Anatomy-Specific B0 Shimming Strategies for Robust Clinical Imaging
Heidi Ward
15:10 Invited Talk: Fat Quantification and Anatomy-Specific Shimming: Can We Put the Two Together?
Scott B. Reeder