Unsolved Problems and Unmet Needs

Room 801 A/B

13:30 - 15:30

Chair: Daniel K. Sodickson


Beyond BOLD: Clinical Applications, Surrogates, and Mechanisms of Functional MRI
13:30 Proffered Abstract:  MRI of Chronic Low Back Pain
Mark Oswood
13:50 Proffered Abstract:  Can We See Blood Vessel Dilation Responsible for fMRI?
Mario Forjaz Secca
14:10 Invited Talk:  What is Known and What is Not About BOLD Mechanisms and Sources of fMRI?
Peter A. Bandettini
  Will MR Replace the Microscope?  High-Performance MR In Vivo, Postmortem, and in Engineered Tissues
14:30 Proffered Abstract:  Which Clinical Application(s) Would Best Benefit from Submillimeter High T1 contrast Whole Brain Images at 7Tesla with Simultaneous Angiography Perfectly Coregistered with Anatomical Images
Pierre-Francois Van de Moortele
14:50 Proffered Abstract:  The Future of MRI in Forensic Investigations After Death
Hedwig Tromp
15:10 Invited Talk: Beyond In Vivo Unmet Needs for MR in Tissue Engineering
Richard G. S. Spencer