Probing Cancer with MRI I: Molecular Pathways to Experimental Models

Organizers: Robert J. Gillies, Ph.D., Markus Rudin, Ph.D.
Skill Level: Intermediate

Saturday, 3 May 2008


This one-day course is designed to introduce aspects of carcinogenesis and cancer physiology that are addressable by imaging. The first slate of lectures will be given from leading cancer researchers and oncologists who are familiar with multi-platform molecular and function imaging of cancer. These will be followed by specific topics in pre-clinical cancer MR imaging that will focus on the use of MR in cancer research, and also address the potential for translation to human studies.

Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe basic pathophysiology of cancer with specific reference to processes that may be imaged;

  • Explain the hallmarks and pathways of cancer and how they can be measured non-invasively;

  • Describe relationship between hypoxia, pH and radiation;

  • Compare relative roles that different imaging modalities can play in the characterization of preclinical cancer models; and

  • Define how imaging biomarkers may impact the development of cancer drugs.
  • Audience Description:

    The course is designed for people with some knowledge of preclinical or clinical MRI. The participant should be familiar with different MRI acquisition techniques and basic knowledge of other imaging modalities, as multimodality imaging approaches will be discussed. Some experience in the field of cancer biology would certainly be helpful, but does not constitute a prerequisite for following the course.

      Tumor Biology  
    8:30 General Tumor Biology / Tumor Hallmarks Richard P. Hill, Ph.D.
    9:05 Tumor-Host Interaction: Angiogenesis / Infiltration of Normal Tissue Bonnie Sloane, Ph.D.
    9:40 Tumor Hypoxia: Assessment of Hypoxia & Activation of HIF Pathway Brian Keith, Ph.D.
    10:15 Break  
    10:15 - 10:30 Meet the Teachers  
      Imaging General Tumor Hallmarks  
    10:35 Proliferation Imaging DNA, Protein, Membrane Synthesis Ross J. Maxwell, Ph.D.
    11:10 Tumor Metabolism: FDG-PET Curtis B. Caldwell, Ph.D.
    11:45 Angiogenesis Activated Endothelium Michal Neeman, Ph.D.
    12:20 Break  
    12:20 - 12:35 Meet the Teachers  
    13:45 Apoptosis Kevin Brindle, D. Phil.
    14:20 Tumor Acidosis Robert J. Gillies, Ph.D.
      Imaging Tumor (Surface) Antigens / Imaging Signaling Pathways  
    14:55 Surface Receptors Her2/neu Dmitri Artemov, Ph.D.
    15:30 Break  
    15:30 - 15:45 Meet the Teachers  
    15:50 Imaging Signaling Pathways: Protein-Protein Ramasamy Paulmurugan, Ph.D.
      Identification of Biomarkers / Surrogates  
    16:25 Biomarkers for preclinical therapy evaluation: mechanism of action / proof of therapeutic principle Richard A.D. Carano, Ph.D.
    16:50 Adjournment  
    16:50 - 17:05 Meet the Teachers