MR Safety Study Group

Program for Toronto 2008 Study Group Meeting


Monday, 5 May 2008, 18:30, Room 713 A/B

The program for the ISMRM safety study group meeting will be dedicated to the results of a recent study performed in Europe by order of the European Commission to study the impact of the proposed European Directive for occupational exposure (2004/40/EC) on the usage of MRI in the clinical practice. The study is performed by the University of Zurich and the Imperial College in London on 4 clinical sites, and the results will be presented by the scientists from these institutes. The study includes the following aspects:
  • Understanding of the existing and future medical procedures with MR scanners
  • Identification of worst case scenarios during usage of MR scanners
  • Systematic measurements of the EMF during these procedures
  • Calculation of the corresponding exposures in terms of current density and SAR
    The program in fact covers several important new research aspect for the safety of MR in general, such as:
  • The practical use of the system in the clinical practice,
  • The measurement of the stray fields of the applied electromagnetic fields, and
  • The calculation of the exposure in the human body via the simulation studies on realistic human models.