To recognize outstanding educational contributions to the ISMRM Annual meeting, the Annual Meeting Program Committee acknowledges the highest rated speaker in each educational course. Recipients of these awards have been determined by the evaluation scores which attendees gave to the speakers.  
  We thank all our attendees who, with their responses, chose these outstanding teachers:  
WEEKEND COURSES (Saturday & Sunday) Winner Talk
MR Engineering 1 & 2 Blaine Chronik, Ph.D. Gradients: Design and Limitations
WEEKEND COURSES (Saturday) Winner Talk
Advanced Topics in Diffusion and Perfusion MRI  Peter Basser, Ph.D. Biophysics of Diffusion
Advanced Topics in Analysis of Structural and fMRI Data Michael Chappell, Ph.D. Bayesian Analysis and Estimation
Advanced Brain Imaging  Marco Catani, M.D. Virtual Tractography and Dysconnection Syndromes
MR Physics for Physicists Michael Markl, Ph.D. Principles of Manipulating Magnetization Phase for Applications
Body MRI by the Experts  Peter L. Choyke, M.D. MR Molecular Imaging of Prostate Cancer
Clinical MRI: from Physical Principles to Practical Protocols Donald B. Plewes, Ph.D. Overview of MR Physics: T1, T2
Probing Cancer with MR I: Molecular Pathways to Experimental Models Robert Gillies, Ph.D. Tumor Acidosis
WEEKEND COURSES (Sunday) Winner Talk
Cardiovascular MRI: Basic Techniques and Applications Orlando P. Simonetti, Ph.D. Myocardial Viability: Techniques
Cancer MR Spectroscopy: Clinical and Research Applications John Jurhanewicz, Ph.D.  
Imaging Strategies John Mugler III, Ph.D. Echo-Train Sequences: EPI, RARE, GRASE
Molecular Imaging A. Dean Sherry, Ph.D. CEST Agents
Translating Physics to the Clinic: Diffusion, Perfusion and Functional Imaging Stefan Sunaert, M.D., Ph.D. Functional MRI: How To Do It In Your Practice
Probing Cancer with MR II: From Animal Models to Clinical Assessment Dow-Mu Koh, M.D. Diffusion MRI: Utility in Cancer Management
Current Concepts in MSK MRI Christine Chung, M.D. MRI of the Knee
fMRI: Hardware, Interpretations and Applications Rasmus M. Birn, Ph.D. Fluctuations: Good and Bad
MONDAY - FRIDAY COURSES (Morning Categorical Courses) Winner Talk
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Anatomical and Functional MRI of the Human Brain Derek K. Jones, Ph.D. Absolute Beginnerís Guide to Diffusion MRI
Clinical Applications of Cardiovascular Imaging Matthias G. Friedrich, M.D. Global and Regional Function
Safety Update Paul M. Glover, Ph.D. Bioeffects of Static and Gradient Fields: Sensing the Static Field
Ultra-High-Field MR in Humans Peter Ullmann, Dipl. Phys. Multiple-Channel RF Pulses and SAR Control
Cell Tracking Anna V. Moore, Ph.D. Cell Tracking in Diabetes
Hyperpolarization: How to Obtain and Use a 100,000-fold Increase in Polarization Bastiaan Driehuys, Ph.D. Hyperpolarized Contrast Media: Overview of Principles & Applications
Tissue Contrast in MSK MRI: From Physics to Physiology Douglas W. Goodwin, M.D. Structural Organization of Cartilage and the Habituation Hypothesis
Clinical Science for Physicists and Engineers Matthias G. Friedrich, M.D.  
Neuro: What Can the Clinician Learn from the Animal Model Work? Tracy D. Farr, Ph.D. Focus on Stroke: Determining the Outcome/Prognosis Through Experimental Work
Cardiovascular Molecular MR Contrast Agents: From Bench to Bedside Zahi A. Fayad, Ph.D. Molecular Imaging Using Multimodality (MR, PET, and CT) for Characterizing Atherosclerotic Plaque
Body MRI by the Experts II: Lung fMRI and Multi-parametric Prostate MR Jurgen Futterer, M.D., Ph.D. Prostate MR 3T or 1.5T in the Clinic
MONDAY - FRIDAY COURSES (Clinical Categorical Courses) Winner Talk
Imaging Brain Tumors: From Physiology to Therapy Meng Law, M.D. Tumor Biology with MR Spectroscopic and Perfusion Imaging
CMR of Myocardial Infarction  Christopher M. Kramer, M.D. Identification of Microvascular Obstruction
Areas to Watch: Unique Lesions in Pediatric Lower Extremity R. Paul Guillerman, M.D. Bone Marrow and Inflammatory Lesions
Neuro: Imaging CNS Autoimmune Disease Vincent Dousset, M.D. Primary Demyelinating Diseases
Shoulder Instability: Clinical Considerations and Imaging Needs? Diane L. Dahm, M.D. Post-traumatic Shoulder Instability
Areas to Watch: Clinical Developments in Lung Imaging Christian Fink, M.D. Time-Resolved Three-Dimensional Contrast-Enhanced Pulmonary Magnetic Resonance Angiography and Its Clinical Applications
Other Body Courses   Regina Beets-Tan, M.D., Ph.D. MR of the Rectum
Case-Based Teaching Courses Claude Sirlin, M.D. Malignant Tumors in the Non-Cirrhotic Liver
MONDAY - FRIDAY COURSES (Other Courses) Winner Talk
ISMRM/SMRT Joint Forum: Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis - A Multidisciplinary and Global Issue Emanuel Kanal, M.D., F.A.C.R. NSF: Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going?
Grant Writing: Prospects, Pearls & Pitfalls Richard L. Ehman, M.D. Strategies for Moving Forward after an Unsuccessful Grant Application
Image Processing  Timothy F. Cootes, Ph.D.  Shaped-Based Analysis
Ethics in Imaging Research A. Gregory Sorenson, M.D. Ethics of Incidental Findings - What Do You Owe Your Subject?
So You Want to Start an MRI Company? - What You Need to Know Mark Jay, Esq. Patenting of MR Technology
MR Physics for Clinicians Walter Kucharczyk, M.D.  Spin Gymnastics