Important Exhibitor Deadlines

30 November 2007 Contract for Exhibit Space due to ISMRM Office for receipt of full date priority points,  All booth space must be paid in full.
17 December 2007 Target date to review and choose sponsorship opportunities.
15 January 2008 Exhibit space cancellation deadline.
31 January 2008 Online Exhibitor Service Kit made available to all exhibitors who have paid in full.
1 February 2008 Company profile due for publication in the Guide to the Exhibition and Poster Sessions.
29 February 2008 Function space request forms due to the ISMRM.
3 March 2008 Proof of insurance and booth floorplan drawings due to ISMRM.
7 March 2008 Final announcement of booth space assignments. 
28 March 2008 Exhibitor registration deadline.
1 April 2008 EAC forms due to Champion.
9 April 2008 Exhibitor personnel badges mailed to Official Representatives.
1 May 2008 Freight move-in, Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
2-4 May 2008 Exhibitor move-in.
4 May 2008 Opening Reception in Hall E.
4-8 May 2008 Technical Exhibition Open.
8-9 May 2008 Exhibitor move-out.
Last updated 29 October 2008


Last updated 29 October 2008