2009 Poster Award Winners

Award Program # Author Title


1st 2944 Cornelius van den Berg Optimizing Traveling Wave RF Excitation for In Vivo Use
2nd 4793 Ingmar Graesslin Continuous Monitoring of RF-Safety for Implantable MR-Conditional Devices
3rd 4767 Andreas Bitz An 8-Channel Add-On RF Shimming System for Whole-Body 7 Tesla MRI Including Real-Time SAR Monitoring


1st 1066 Selina Bucher Reduced T2 reveal therapeutic effect of the antioxidant Vitamin E in the G93A-SOD1 Mouse Model of AL
2nd 1074 Alexandre Coimbra Using MRI to Quantify Optic Nerve Injury in Monkeys with Experimental Glaucoma: Atrophy and Diffusivity Effects.
3rd 3238 Henk De Feyter 13 C MRS during [3-13C]lactate infusion under hyperinsulinemic-hypoglycemic conditions reveals compartmentalized lactate metabolism in human brain

Diffusion & Perfusion Imaging

1st 1356 Sune Jespersen The Diffusion Tensor Reveals Gray Matter Architecture
2nd 3641 Dennis Kies Can Arterial Spin Labeling Be Used to Identify Perfusion Distribution Differences Using Group Analysis?
3rd 1510 Jack Wells Characterising the Origin of the Arterial Spin Labelling Signal in MRI Using a Multi-Echo Acquisition Approach

Functional Imaging

1st 1671 Marieke Scholvinck State-Dependent, Widespread Correlation of Neural and FMRI Endogenous Fluctuations in the Awake Monkey
2nd 1685 Simone Bosshard Hyperalgesic Effects of Low Dose Lidocaine Detected by BOLD FMRI in Mice
3rd 1635 Liau Joy Dependence of BOLD Signal Amplitude on Baseline Venous Oxygenation and Cerebral Blood Flow

Cardiovascular Imaging

1st 1790 Arunark Kolipaka MR Elastography as a Method for the Assessment of Myocardial Stiffness Throughout the Cardiac Cycle
2nd 3853 Andreas Harloff Three-Dimensional Assessment of Wall Shear Stress Distribution in the Atherosclerotic Aorta
3rd 1818 Xiaodong Zhong Balanced Multi-Point Displacement Encoding for DENSE MRI: Theoretical and Experimental Results

Body Imaging

1st 2042 Meng Yin Assessment of Kidney Stiffness in a Swine Model of Renal Arterial Stenosis with 7-D MR Elastography
2nd 4114 Robert Garrett Assessing Native and Transplant Kidneys with Diffusion Weighted MR Imaging: Mean Vs Delta ADC
3rd 4006 Winfried Willinek Parallel RF Transmission in Body MRI for Reduced Dielectric Shading, Improved B1 Homogeneity and Accelerated Imaging at 3.0T: Initial Clinical Experience in 40 Patients Using MultiTransmit

Musculoskeletal Imaging

1st 1991 Michael Carl Maximizing RF Signal in the Presence of Rapid T2 Relaxation
2nd 1967 Gabrielle Blumenkrantz The Relationship Between the Spatial Distribution of Cartilage MR T2 and Longitudinal Changes in Pain: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative
3rd 1952 S. Sendhil Velan Localized Correlated Spectroscopy of Bone Marrow: Determination of Unsaturation and Apoptosis

Cancer Imaging

1st 1010 Benjamin Ellingson Comparison of Cytotoxic and Anti-Angiogenic Treatment Responses Using Functional Diffusion Maps in FLAIR Abnormal Regions
2nd 4184 Shonit Punwani Evaluation of STIR-HASTE Whole Body MRI for the Initial Staging of Paediatric Lymphoma: A Correlation with PET/CT
3rd 4004 Christina Messiou Interrogation of Short T2 Components in Sclerotic Bone Metastases with Ultra Short TE MRI

Interventional Imaging

1st 2559 Jie Deng Diffusion-Weighted PROPELLER MRI for Tissue Selective Intra-Procedural Positioning of Percutaneous Biopsy Needles Within Rabbit VX2 Liver Tumors
2nd 4405 Carsten Schirra Compressed Sensing for Highly Accelerated 3D Visualization of 19F-Catheters
3rd 2546 Michael Moche Preliminary Clinical Experience with a Navigation System for Biopsies in a Diagnostic 1.5T Closed-Bore MR Scanner

Physics & Pulse Sequences

1st 4472 Monika Gloor Quantitative Magnetization Transfer Imaging Using Non-Balanced SSFP
2nd 4530 Sean Deoni Intra and Inter-Site Reproducibility of Myelin Water Volume Fraction Values Derived Using McDESPOT
3rd 2812 Mariya Doneva Accelerated MR Parameter Mapping Using Compressed Sensing with Model-Based Sparsifying Transform

Molecular Imaging

1st 1488 Stav Sapoznik Developmental Analysis of Placental Vascularization Using Dynamic Contrast- Enhanced MRI
2nd 3170 Natalie Serkova Molecular Imaging Using Targeted Nanoparticles for Non-Invasive Detection of Renal Inflammation
3rd 2421 Christopher Ward Hyperpolarized 13C MRS Detection of Reduced Pyruvate-Lactate Conversion Following PI3K Inhibition

Spec, Hype & the Like

1st 4294 Christopher Johnson Detection of Serine Isotopomers as a Measure of Mitochondrial Function
2nd 2409 Kevin Leung Using Spectral-Spatial Saturation RF Pulses to Remove Blood Signals in Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 Metabolic Studies
3rd 4381 Pernille Jensen 1,4-13C2 Malate Reports on Ischemia Related Reperfusion Injury, after Administration of Hyperpolarized 1,4-13C2/ Fumarate in Mouse Skeletal Muscle in vivo