Study Group
MR in Drug Research
Chair: Patricia E. Cole, M.D., Ph.D., Eisai Pharmaceuticals, Teaneck, NJ, USA
Topics: Academic-Industry Partnerships in Applications of MRI to Clinical Drug Development
Monday, 20 April 2009
18:30 - 20:30
Room 312

Overview: Matching MRI Applications to Goals of Drug Development
Perry Renshaw, M.D., Ph.D., University of Utah, UT, USA
Finding Value for MRI in Supporting a Drug Pipeline: a View from Industry
Rexford Newbould, Ph.D., GlaxoSmithKline Clinical Imaging Centre, London, UK
Analysis Tools for Quantitative MRI Supporting Clinical Applications
Stephen M. Smith, D.Phil., Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
Practical Considerations for an Academic Laboratory Working to Support Pharma Industry Projects: Demystifying Some of the "Unknown Unknowns"
Nicola De Stefano, M.D., Ph.D., University of Siena, Siena, Italy