Study Group
Molecular Cellular Imaging/ Cancer Imaging
Monday, 20 April 2009
18:30 – 20:30
Room 313A

Organizing Committee:
Arend Heerschap, SG “Imaging of Cancer”
Michal Neeman / Dan Turnbull SG “Molecular and Cellular Imaging”
Chrit Moonen
Keyvan Farahani
10 min Business meeting Cancer SG
10 min Business meeting MI SG
5 min Opening, IGDD K. Farahani (CIP/NCI)
15 min Introduction on IGDD G. Lanza (Washington U.)
20 min IGDD in cancer with MRI- guided Focused Ultrasound N. McDannold (Harvard)
20 min MI aspects of IGDD: “Monitoring and quantification of drug delivery using contrast agents” S. Aime (Torino, Italy)
10 min Selected abstract MI SG 2668: G. Kenny et. al., In vivo monitoring of liposomal encapsulated siRNA delivery to tumours
10 min Selected abstract MI SG 4925: J. Alford et. al., Delta relaxation enhanced MR: Experimental validation
10 min Selected abstract Cancer SG 1993: P. Seevinck et. al., Selective depiction of holmium-loaded microspheres (HoMS) using susceptibility gradient mapping (SGM): initial experience in animal models
10 min Selected abstract Cancer SG 3116: S. Genininatti et. al., A Boron/Gd/LDL adduct for imaging-guided Neutron Capture Therapy