Case-Based Teaching:
Pitfalls in Diffusion-Perfusion-fMRI Quantification Processing: What Artifacts Should I Worry About in Practice?
Clinical Intensive Education Option
Organizer: Fernando Calamante, Ph.D.
Skill Level: Basic
Wednesday, 5 May 2010
16:00 - 18:00

Quantitative investigations using diffusion MRI, perfusion MRI, and fMRI are increasingly used in clinical and research studies. This 2-hour case-based course will describe the artifacts in quantitative studies using these techniques. There will be particular emphasis on the description of those artifacts most commonly encountered in practice, and how they can be recognized. Practical examples of these artifacts will be shown, and the potential implications for clinical and research studies discussed. Speakers in this basic-level course will have extensive experience both in the technical aspects and in the applications of these methodologies.
Upon completion of this course participants should be able to:
  • Recognize the most common artifacts in quantitative diffusion MR;
  • Identify the major sources of errors in cerebral perfusion imaging;
  • Evaluate the presence of common artifacts in studies using fMRI; and
  • List the sources of artifacts more commonly encountered in diffusion, perfusion and fMRI studies.

16:00 Diffusion MRI Pratik Mukherjee, M.D., Ph.D.
16:30 Perfusion MRI: Dynamic-susceptibility Contrast MRI Timothy John Carroll, Ph.D.
17:00 Perfusion MRI: Arterial Spinal Labeling Jeroen Hendrikse, Ph.D.
17:30 Functional MRI Peter Jezzard, Ph.D.
18:00 Adjournment  


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