Sunrise Course:
Potentials & Challenges of High-Field MRS
Organizers: Rolf Gruetter, Ph.D., and Ivan Tkac, Ph.D.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Tuesday - Friday, 4-7 May 2010
07:00 - 08:00

This four-hour course will focus on main methodological areas problematic for advanced MRS at high magnetic fields. Our first goal will be to demonstrate potentials of MRS for neuroscience research and clinical diagnostics. Second, is to describe all major challenges of MRS at very high fields and to explain possible solutions for an efficient shimming, for a design of pulse sequence and appropriate processing tool for metabolite quantification. Finally, yet importantly, the strengths of MRS techniques at ultra-high fields will be demonstrated on applications using animal models.
Upon completion of this course participants should be able to:
  • Describe advantages and potentials of MRS at very high fields;
  • Identify problems and challenges of high field MRS;
  • Define the MRS detectable neurochemical profile of the brain;
  • Describe principles of metabolite quantification;
  • Assess spectral quality and identify main sources of spectral quality deterioration; and
  • Explain the importance of B0 shimming at high fields.

Tuesday What High-Field MRS Can Provide  
07:00 Potentials of High-Field Spectroscopy Wolfgang Dreher, Ph.D.
07:30 How To Get Meaningful MRS Data Robin A. de Graaf, Ph.D.
08:00 Adjournment  
Wednesday B0 Shimming at High Fields  
07:00 Shimming & MRS Ivan Tkac, Ph.D.
07:30 Shimming & MRSI  Hoby P. Hetherington, Ph.D.
08:00 Adjournment  
Thursday Neurochemical Profile  
07:00 MRSI Beyond NAA Dennis W.J. Klomp, Ph.D.
07:30 Metabolite Quantification Cristina Cudalbu, Ph.D.
08:00 Adjournment  
Friday Application of High-Field MRS On Animal Models  
07:00 Ultra High-Field MRS of Rodents Vladimir Mlynarik, Ph.D., D.Sc.
07:30 MRS of Transgenic Mice Gulin Oz, Ph.D.
08:00 Adjournment  


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