Sunrise Course:
Tissue Contrast in MSK MRI - From Physics to Physiology
Clinical Intensive Education Option
Organizer: Bernard J. Dardzinski, Ph.D.
Skill Level: Advanced
Tuesday - Friday, 4-7 May 2010
07:00 - 08:00

This 4-hour course will assess mechanisms of contrast, organization of tissue, and its influence on imaging parameters. It will also provide a discussion of recently promoted sequences, most notably T1rho and UTE. Both radiologists and basic scientists will provide up-to-date knowledge of these fast-developing research topics.
Upon completion of this course participants should be able to:
  • Describe contrast mechanisms in MSK imaging, most notably in imaging of articular cartilage;
  • Describe the physics of advanced MR sequences;
  • Identify the most suitable new MR sequences for four important indications;
  • Implement current MR protocols for daily practice and be aware of the most useful indications for these techniques.

07:00 Relaxation Mechanisms in Collagen Rich Tissues Greg J. Stanisz, Ph.D.
07:30 Clinical Aspects of Tendon Disorders - not available Eugene G. McNally, M.D., F.R.C.R., F.R.C.P.I.
08:00 Adjournment  
07:00 Tissue Anisotropy in Tendons and Cartilage Gary D. Fullerton, Ph.D.
07:30 Structural Organization of Cartilage & the Habituation Hypothesis Douglas W. Goodwin, M.D.
08:00 Adjournment  
07:00 Contrast Mechanisms for MR Imaging of Tissues & Fluids with Short T2s &/or T2*s Graeme C. Bydder, M.B., Ch.B.
07:30 MSK Clinical & Research Applications of UTE Imaging Christine Chung, M.D.
08:00 Adjournment  
07:00 T1rho Imaging: Techniques & Basis for Image Contrast Ravinder Reddy, Ph.D.
07:30 MSK Clinical & Research Applications of T1rho Imaging - not available Thomas M. Link, M.D.
08:00 Adjournment  


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