Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor Badge Registration Forms should be sent to:

ISMRM Meetings Department
2030 Addison Street, Suite 700
Berkeley, CA 94704 USA
T: +1 (510) 841 1899
F: +1 (510) 841-2340

Exhibitor Registration
While pre-registration is important in assisting us to serve you more effectively, the ISMRM staff look forward to the opportunity to once again connect with you face-to-face in Stockholm. Stop by the on-site registration counter with any questions or concerns, to pick up your badges, or simply to say, “god dag” (Hello!).
Exhibitor Badges
Exhibitor badge order forms will be available in the ISMRM Exhibitor Service Kit. Completed forms are due in the ISMRM office by 12 March 2010. Exhibitor badges will not be mailed and will only be available for on-site pick at the Exhibitor Counter beginning at 14:00 hours, Friday, April 30th. Only the main representative will be given the badges and it is the responsibility of the main representative to hand them out to their associates. No other method will be employed. No exhibitor will be allowed on the exhibition floor without an ISMRM badge. Anyone not pre-registered by 13 March will not receive a badge and must register on-site beginning at 14:00 on Friday 30 April at a cost of US$20.00 per badge.
Scientific Meeting Vouchers
Exhibiting companies will receive one (1) 7-Day meeting voucher for each 9 square meters of space rented. The vouchers will be prepared and held on site for the Official Representative only. The official representative may pick up the vouchers starting at 14:00 hours, Friday 30 April for distribution prior to the meeting. Each voucher may then be redeemed onsite for a scientific meeting registration. Onsite registration is required for those who intend to use a voucher.
Exhibitor Guest Vouchers
Complimentary exhibitor guest vouchers may be given to your valuable customers and/or guests to allow one-day access to the Technical Exhibition to visit your booth. Please distribute your guest vouchers to individuals who would not normally qualify for general registration. The number of guest passes issued to an exhibiting company will be one (1) pass per day, per 9 square meters of rented space, with a maximum of five (5) guest passes per day. Only the official representative may pick up all Exhibitor Guest Vouchers beginning at 14:00 hours, 30 April 2010 at the Exhibitor Counter.
Detailed information on how to obtain these badges and vouchers will be included in the Exhibitor Service Kit.

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