Interventional MR Study Group
Monday, 9 May 2011
18:45 - 20:45
Room 518A-C

Overview: The aim of this study group meeting is (1) to update participants on the state of clinical iMRI from an imaging vendor perspective and to discuss hot topics in iMRI (2) to discuss creation of a registry for clinical iMRI studies.

18:45 Administrative Business
Newly elected Committee Members
Frank Wacker, Chair
18:50 State of Clinical iMRI – Insights from the 3 Major Imaging Vendors

Joop van Vaals
Chief Scientific Officer Emerging Technologies
Philips Healthcare

Christine H. Lorenz
Director, Center for Applied Medical Imaging
Siemens Corporation, Corporate Research

John Ferut
Associate Product Leader, IntraOperative/Interventional MRI
GE Healthcare

8 minutes for each speaker

Frank Wacker, Chair
19:20 Hot topics in iMRI 2011 – Is There a Killer Application?  
  A. Cardiac EP
Patron: Tobias Schaeffter, King's College, London (6 min.)
Challenges: Graham Wright, University of Toronto (6 min.)
Industry: Steve Wedan, CEO, Imricor (6 min.)
Discussion (6 min.)
Graham Wright, Vice Chair
  B. HIFU 
Patron: Clare Tempany, Harvard Medical School, BWH (6 min.)
Challenges: Alessandro Napoli, Sapienza Università di Roma (6 min.)
Industry: Shunmugavelu Sokka, Philips Healthcare (6 min.)
Discussion (6min.)
Frank Wacker, Chair
  C. Electrode Implantations
Patron: Alastair Martin, University of California, San Francisco (6 min.)
Challenges: Karl Vigen, University of Wisconsin-Madison (6 min.)
Industry: Kim Jenkins, SurgiVision, President and CEO (6 min.)
Discussion (6 min.)
Alastair Martin, Past Chair
20:30 Towards a multicenter registry for clinical iMRI
Clifford Weiss, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
Sherif Nour, Secretary
20:40 Discussion on iMRI Registry, potential topics for a registry:
DBS, Cardiac EP, Thermal Ablation, MR guided HIFU, Vascular Procedures, Biopsies
20:45 Adjourn