Fast & Furious: The New Era of Rapid Imaging
ORGANIZERS: Roland Bammer, Ph.D., Douglas C. Noll, Ph.D., Daniel K. Sodickson, M.D., Ph.D. & Bachir Taouli, M.D.
Tuesday - Friday, 10-13 May 2011

This four-hour course will explore the current and evolving state of the art in rapid imaging. Framed as an extended conversation between clinicians and basic scientists, each of the four sessions will feature interlinked talks on a particular body area or application cluster: day 1 fast cardiovascular imaging, day 2 fast body imaging, day 3 fast neuroimaging and day 4 fast fetal/neonatal imaging. For each area, a clinician will describe current practices and identify particular unsolved problems and unmet needs which can be addressed by increasing imaging speed. A basic scientist will then respond to this list of needs by describing current and emerging rapid imaging techniques and technologies, including such topics as compressed sensing, highly parallel reception, parallel transmission and moving-table imaging. Some talks will be sequential, and others interleaved to promote conversation and interaction.
Upon completion of this course participants should be able to:
List key clinical needs for rapid imaging in cardiovascular, body, neurological and fetal/neonatal applications;
Describe current and emerging rapid imaging techniques, such as highly parallel imaging and compressed sensing;
Explain the appropriate use of rapid imaging techniques in modern clinical practice; and
Identify areas in which further improvements in imaging speed and efficiency would be required to address current unsolved problems in research and clinical practice.

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  Fast Cardiovascular Imaging  
07:00 Current Clinical Practices & Needs   Frandics P. Chan, M.D., Ph.D.
07:30 Emerging Techniques   Jeffrey Tsao, Ph.D.
08:00 Adjourn  
  Fast Body Imaging  
07:00 Body MRI: Current Practices, Clinical Needs & Emerging Techniques   Jean H. Brittain, Ph.D. & Scott B. Reeder, M.D., Ph.D.
08:00 Adjourn  
  Fast Neuroimaging  
07:00 Current Clinical Practices & Needs    John P. Karis, M.D.
07:30 Emerging Techniques   James G. Pipe, Ph.D.
08:00 Adjourn  
  Fast Fetal/Neonatal Imaging  
07:00 Current Clinical Practices & Needs: Fetal Imaging   -permission withheld Daniela Prayer, M.D.
07:20  Current Clinical Practices & Needs: Neonatal Imaging   Jeffrey Joseph Neil, M.D., Ph.D.
07:40  Emerging Techniques   Roland Bammer, Ph.D.
08:00 Adjourn