Molecular Imaging & Contrast Agents
ORGANIZERS: Jeff W.M. Bulte, Ph.D. & Penny Anne Gowland, Ph.D.
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
Tuesday - Friday, 10-13 May 2011

This four-hour course will provide an overview of the different molecular imaging techniques used in MRI. It will cover standard contrast agents, fluorinated agents, CEST agents and hyperpolarized agents. It is intended to provide an introduction to these agents for people who are experienced in MR either as clinicians or basic scientists.
Upon completion of this course participants should be able to:
« Explain the physiochemical properties determining the choice of Gd based conventional contrast agents;
« Name the properties and uses of fluorinated agents in MRI; and
« Describe the physiochemical properties of and list some of the current uses of iron and paramagnetic based contrast agents, CEST and hyperpolarized agents.

Click on to view the abstract pdf and click on to view the video presentation.
07:00 Conventional Contrast Agents   Val M. Runge, M.D.
07:30 Physico Chemical Principles & Applications of Fluorine   Peter M. Jakob, Ph.D.
08:00 Adjourn  
07:00 Physico Chemical Principles of Metal Based Paramagnetic/Iron Contrast   Natalie J. Serkova, Ph.D.
07:30 Preclinical & Clinical Applications of Metal Based Paramagnetic/Iron Contrast   Jean-Paul Vallée, M.D., Ph.D.
08:00 Adjourn  
07:00 Physico Chemical Principles CEST   Robert E. Lenkinski, Ph.D.
07:30 Preclinical & Clinical Applications of CEST   Michael T. McMahon, Ph.D.
08:00 Adjourn  
07:00 Physico Chemical Principles of Hyperpolarized CA   Walter Kockenberger, Ph.D.
07:30  Preclinical & Clinical Applications of Hyperpolarized CA   Sarah J. Nelson, Ph.D.
08:00 Adjourn