Clinical Intensive Education Option
Commonly Missed Diagnoses in Shoulder & Knee MR
ORGANIZERS: Christine Chung, M.D. & Hollis G. Potter, M.D.
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
Tuesday, 10 May 2011

In this two-hour course the faculty will consist mostly of radiologists with extensive experience in imaging of the musculoskeletal system. The course cover will commonly missed diagnoses in shoulder and knee MR, and will guide the audience through pitfalls in imaging diagnosis. Specific topics in the shoulder will include adhesive capsulitis, synovitis, crystal deposition diseases and early degenerative changes. Specific topics in the knee will include difficult meniscal lesions, synovitis and PVNS, and partial tears of the ACL.
Upon completion of this course participants should be able to:
Tailor MR protocols according to clinical needs;
Identify imaging findings of adhesive capsulitis and synovitic processes in the shoulder;
Determine what imaging characteristics establish crystal deposition disease in the shoulder;
Develop a search pattern to establish the presence of early OA in the shoulder;
Develop a pattern for meniscal evaluation and knowledge of complex meniscal pathology;
Identify imaging appearance of partial ACL tears and its differential considerations; and
Identify the MR appearance of PVNS and its different manifestations in the knee.

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  Moderator: Hollis G. Potter, M.D.  
13:30 Commonly Missed Diagnoses in the Shoulder   Thomas W. Hash, M.D.
14:20 Questions  
14:30 Commonly Missed Diagnoses in the Knee   Gustav Andreisek, M.D.
15:20 Questions  
15:30 Adjourn