MRI in the Movies


The Auscar Winners are:

First Place: "The Examination", submitted by Uvo Hoelscher, University of Würzburg

Second Place: "iPath", submitted by Andreas Hopfgartner, University of Würzburg

Third Place: "Who's Afraid of Mephistopheles", submitted by Yen-Peng Liao, Taipei Medical University

Fourth Place: "SuperPowers", Submitted by Josh Kaggie, University of Utah


The Joey Awards:
(in alphabetical order)

"Dr. M.D.", Submitted by Russell Cohen Hoffing, Mt. Sinai

"Hyper Wars", Submitted by Franz Schilling, Technische Universität München

"Magic of Resonance Ironicle", submitted by Serguei Liachenko, US Food and Drug Administration


Thank you to all our participants!