Dynamic NMR Spectroscopy Study Group and Hyperpolarized Media MR Study Group

Thursday, 10 May
10:30 - 12:30

The Dynamic NMR Study Group and Hyperpolarized Media MR Study Group will select the best (and most relevant) poster abstracts covered by the two study groups and give them a showcase to highlight their work. The session will combine this with poster awards for the best e-poster/traditional posters, with the executive committees of the two study groups doing the judging.

Within the session, the first 30 minutes will be spent giving the presenters a chance to do a very brief (2-3 min max - one slide) 'Flash Talk' to overview their poster so that the second (and major) part of the session will be spent in informal discussions around the posters. The aim of the FLASH talks is to give people from the two study groups a chance to get a brief overview of the work of the other group and to encourage the informal discussion that will follow. The posters will be judged during the informal discussions and awards will be presented at the end of the session, this will be combined with a very brief business meeting for the two study groups.