MR in Drug Research Study Group
Tuesday, 8 May
16:00 - 18:00

  • Business meeting (10 min)
    • Introduce incoming/outgoing board members

    • New initiatives

    • Meeting agenda/rules
  • Concurrent electronic presentations (75 min)
    • 4 kiosks (each presenting 3 times): 10-15 min presentation followed by 10-15 min Q&A session for a total of 25 min for each topic

    • Tentative Topics:

      • Diffusion MRI for body oncology–tumor drug response

      • DCE application in oncology–standardization & validation issues

      • Drug safety assessment–regulatory & translational aspects (HESI consortium)

      • Arterial spin labeling in preclinical/clinical–neurological disease drug applications
  • Poster session (30 min)
    • 4 eposters and up to 32 traditional posters (submissions do not have to be a 2012 ISMRM abstract)

The meeting will provide opportunity for open dialogue on particular MR applications for pre-clinical drug discovery, therapeutic niches for MR in drug discovery, clinical translation of MR applications, issues with validating MR biomarkers for drug discovery, application of MR in safety assessment, etc. Attendees have the option to choose 3 of the 4 kiosk concurrent presentations they are interested in attending and can participate for as little or great amount of time as necessary. The meeting will conclude with time to access a number of posters with drug discovery applications.