White Matter Study Group and Susceptibility Weighted Imaging Study

Tuesday, 8 May
10:00 - 12:00

White Matter Study Group (WM): Welcome to the first ever White Matter /Susceptibility Weighted Imaging joint Poster Lounge! We will have presentations from selected student members and our annual poster award. We will participate in the SWI hot topics debate and we will have an opportunity to visit selected WM and SWI posters.

Susceptibility Weighted Imaging Study Group (SWI): Come and join an interactive debate:

What are the challenges in developing susceptibility mapping methods?
Do we agree on the primary sources of phase contrast in different parts of the brain and body?
What are the barriers to clinical application of susceptibility mapping?
How useful is susceptibility anisotropy mapping?

Bring your ideas to this stimulating discussion of these topics and more. We will also be highlighting key student posters with short oral presentations covering susceptibility mapping and SWI methodology and applications.

Business meeting (WM - 5 min)
Student presentations (WM - 30 min
Student presentations (SWI 30 min)
Hot topics debate (SWI 30 min)
Poster viewing (WM and SWI - 25 min)