Hyperpolarized 13C MRS
ORGANIZERS: Matthew Merritt, Ph.D. & Daniel M. Spielman, Ph.D.
SKILL LEVEL: Basic-Intermediate
Tuesday, 8 May 2012

This two-hour course will focus on the methodology and application of metabolic imaging using 13C MRS of hyperpolarized substrates. With the recent initiation of first clinical trial of hyperpolarized 13C-labeled pyruvate for the diagnosis and evaluation of prostate cancer, 13C MRS of hyperpolarized compounds is rapidly emerging as a unique and powerful tool for imaging key metabolic pathways in vivo. The primary goal of this course is to explore both the basic physics and imaging technology underlying this technology and to examine the potential applications to imaging cancer, heart disease, and other pathologies. The second goal is to familiarize attendees with the requirements needed to initiate their own hyperpolarized 13C research programs.
Upon completion of this course participants should be able to:
Describe the basic physics of dynamic nuclear polarization;
Compare the unique challenges presented by in vitro, small animal and human studies;
Identify the most appropriate acquisition and data processing approaches for particular needs;
Define the primary applications of hyperpolarized pyruvate for imaging cancer and heart disease; and
Describe the potential for other hyperpolarized substrates beyond Pyruvate.
Because the aim of this course is to introduce current research possibilities in the emerging and rapidly advancing field of hyperpolarized 13C, the course will be designed both for physicists interested in the technology and clinicians interested in applications.


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  Moderators: Matthew Merritt, Ph.D. & Daniel M. Spielman, Ph.D.
16:00 Physics of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Jan H. Ardenkjaer-Larsen, Ph.D.
16:20 Imaging Methods Dirk Mayer, Ph.D.
16:40 Differential Requirements for In Vitro, Small Animal & Human Studies Sarah J. Nelson, Ph.D.
17:00 Cancer Imaging with Hyperpolarized 13C Ferdia A. Gallagher, M.D., M.R.C.P., F.R.C.R.
17:20 Hyperpolarized 13C Imaging of the Heart    Craig R. Malloy, M.D.
17:40 Beyond Pyruvate: Other Polarizable Substrates Mathilde H. Lerche, Ph.D.
18:00 Adjournment