Musculoskeletal MRI: Imaging Following Surgical Repair
ORGANIZERS: Christine Chung, M.D. & Bernard J. Dardzinski, Ph.D.
SKILL LEVEL: Basic-Intermediate
Sunday, 6 May 2012

This one-day course focuses on the added clinical value of evolving MRI technology. The program will address in detail (via didactic-interactive lectures and using audience response technology) the current state of art in MRI protocols, including high-resolution 3D protocols and imaging around metal. The course is patient focused, comparative (the MRI being compared with arthroscopy) and appraises the potential impact of MRI in individualized patient care.
Upon completion of this course participants should be able to:
Design and apply MSK MRI protocols, including high-resolution, joint-specific protocols and imaging around metal;
Describe the need for detailed of evaluation of patients with post-surgical changes in the joint;
Recognize the added value of MRI in evaluation of patients with post-operative complications; and
Describe the added value of MRI in the management of patients with metallic implants.
This course is designed for radiologists, MR technologists and clinical support scientists who wish to incorporate the use of MRI into their practice and to know how evolving MRI techniques can aid in clinical problem solving in the body and impact individualized patient care.


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  Moderators: Hollis G. Potter, M.D.  & Siegfried Trattnig, M.D.
08:30 Clinical Assessment: Cartilage Repair (Clinical Issues/Surgical Options & Limitations) Constance R. Chu, M.D.
09:00 Microfracture/Marrow Stimulation Techniques
permission withheld
Jung-Ah Choi, M.D.
09:30 Osteochondral Transfer: Autograft, Allograft & Scaffolds Hollis G. Potter, M.D.
10:00 Cell-Based Techniques: ACI & MACI Siegfried Trattnig, M.D.
10:30 Meet the Teachers  
11:00 Post-Operative Shoulder - Clinical Assessment & Strategies  Constance R. Chu, M.D.
11:30 Post-Operative Imaging of the Rotator Cuff Lynne S. Steinbach, M.D.
12:00 Post-Operative Imaging of Glenohumeral Instability Lynne S. Steinbach, M.D.
12:30 Break  
  12:30-12:45 Meet the Teachers  
14:30 Post-Operative Meniscus - Clinical Evaluation Constance R. Chu, M.D.
15:00 Post-Operative Meniscus - Imaging Russell C. Fritz, M.D.
15:30 Post-Operative Ligament - Clinical Evaluation  Constance R. Chu, M.D.
16:00 Post-Operative Ligament - Imaging Richard Kijowski, M.D.
16:30 Adjournment  
  16:30-16:45 Meet the Teachers