ISMRM 21st Annual Meeting & Exhibition 20-26 April 2013 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Imaging Bone Architecture & Composition
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced
ORGANIZERS: Richard Kijowski, M.D. & William B. Morrison, M.D.
Tuesday, 23 April 2013
Various aspects of imaging bone cortex, trabecular organization, as well as marrow cellular and lipid components will be will be presented by a panel of experts, with lectures ranging from sequence development to clinical applications. It is intended to “bridge the gap” between laboratory research and patient care. Following didactic lectures a “hot topic” representing a relevant abstract will be presented by the author, with subsequent discussion by the panel.
This course is directed to clinicians interested in musculoskeletal MRI as well as researchers seeking to enhance their knowledge of clinical aspects and applications of bone structure and composition.

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Apply various MRI techniques to assess bone architecture and composition in clinical practice and research studies;
  • Identify advantages and disadvantages of different MRI methods to assess the rapidly relaxing components and multiple water compartments of bone; and
  • Develop imaging strategies to evaluate trabecular micro-structure and bone marrow composition using ultra-high resolution MRI and MR spectroscopy.


Moderators: Thomas M. Link, M.D., Ph.D. & Felix W. Wehrli, Ph.D.

10:00 Clinical & Research Applications of Bone Imaging Thomas M. Link, M.D., Ph.D.
10:20 Free Induction Decay Imaging of Short-Lived Signals Michael Garwood, Ph.D.
10:40 MRI Assessment of Trabecular & Cortical Bone Structure & Strength Felix W. Wehrli, Ph.D.
11:00 Imaging Bone Marrow Xiaojuan Li, Ph.D.
11:20 Imaging Bone Water Compartments Jiang Du, Ph.D.
11:40 Spine Diffusion Imaging Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, M.D.
12:00     Adjournment