ISMRM 21st Annual Meeting & Exhibition 20-26 April 2013 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Molecular & Cellular Imaging: From the Bench to the Bed
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced
ORGANIZERS: Kevin M. Bennett, Ph.D. & Chris A. Flask, Ph.D.
Sunday, 21 April 2013
This educational session is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of cellular and molecular MRI imaging. This course incorporates some basics on relaxation theory, preparation of common molecular imaging agents, and detection and targeting of specific physiologic processes. The breadth of current and future applications for cellular and molecular imaging in medicine will also be presented. This course will also provide an overview on current challenges in the field including relevant molecular imaging agent toxicity, limits to detection, and regulatory challenges.
M.D. and Ph.D. researchers with an interest in molecular imaging concepts, applications and clinical translation.

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the historical milestones that have led to the current status of the field;
  • Compare the advantages and disadvantages for each class of MR contrast agents;
  • Describe the pharmacokinetic profiles of targeted contrast agents;
  • Recognize toxicity profiles and how to circumvent these;
  • Explain how nanoparticles can be engineered in different ways;
  • Describe the basic physical principles of different forms of magnetism; and
  • List factors that are important for the safety and clinical approval of molecular imaging.


Moderators: Kevin M. Bennett, Ph.D. & Chris A. Flask, Ph.D.

08:30 Basic Relaxation Mechanisms & Contrast Agent Design A. Dean Sherry, Ph.D.
09:00 Agent Synthesis Hui Mao, Ph.D.
09:30 Switching & Sensing Mark D. Pagel, Ph.D.
10:00     Break - Meet the Teachers  
10:30 Targeting Agents David P. Cormode, D.Phil.
11:00 Toxicity Erik M. Shapiro, Ph.D.
11:30 Theranostic Probes for siRNA & MicroRNA Therapies Anna V. Moore, Ph.D.
12:00     Break  
      12:00-12:15 Meet the Teachers  
13:30 Technical Challenges to Detection Peter M. Jakob, Ph.D.
14:00 Applications Christopher C. Quarles, Ph.D.
14:30     Q & A Discussion  
15:00     Break - Meet the Teachers  
15:30 Cell Delivery Jeff W. M. Bulte, Ph.D.
16:00 Regulatory Challenges Zahi A. Fayad, Ph.D.
16:30     Adjournment  
      16:30-16:45 Meet the Teachers