The exhibition floor will be open for longer hours in 2013 for extended poster viewing.

Due to overwhelming requests from our attendees to extend poster viewing hours, the ISMRM Board of Trustees has agreed it is in the best interest of our attendees to do so. Therefore, the exhibition floor will be open for longer hours in order to accommodate poster viewing. While exhibition hours will remain the same, this change simply indicates that when the Technical Exhibition closes at 17:00 daily, the exhibit hall will remain open for poster viewing. There will likely be people still roaming around viewing once you have left your booth for the day. Due to this change, it is recommended by the ISMRM for all exhibitors to consider purchasing additional security measures or securing booth valuables in a locked cupboard. While the ISMRM will provide perimeter security and walk-about security in the exhibition hall, we are not responsible for booth security. Please consider this point carefully and remember to order your own security or lockable cupboards to support valuables. Booth security forms and lockable furniture rentals will be available in our Exhibitor Service Kit which will go live online 23 January 2013 to all paid exhibitors.


Contractor Services
ISMRM will designate contractors, as named in the Exhibitor Service Kit, to provide buildup and dismantling services to exhibitors. Such contractors will provide all show services other than supervision. The exhibitor shall provide only the material and equipment that it owns and that is to be used in the exhibit space. All other items used in the booths are to be provided only by such contractors. The official freight contractor will have complete control of all dock and loading facilities. The freight contractor will receive all shipments and van loads, handle all freight, and provide all rigging, labor, and equipment relating to freight handling. Electrical, plumbing, catering, and telephone services can be ordered by using the forms in the Exhibitor Service Kit.

Service Kit
If an exhibitor wishes to use a labor contractor other than the official Labor Contractor, the exhibitor must submit the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Forms to Freeman 30 days before the beginning of move-in. At the same time as this form is submitted, the exhibitor must also provide ISMRM with certificates of insurance for all agents or representatives who are performing services at the Salt Palace Convention Center site other than the exhibitor’s employees. These agents or representatives, as well as all employees, must be identified by the official ISMRM badge prior to entering the exhibition hall.

Labor Rates and Services
Detailed information regarding work rules for all trades operating at the Salt Palace Convention Center site will be provided in the Exhibitor Service Kit. Labor rates will be announced in the Service Kit; all rates will be listed in United States dollars. Rates subject to change; local and government taxes are not included. Final labor rates will be published in the Exhibitor Service Kit.