Maximize Exposure with Marketing Opportunities
The ISMRM is pleased to provide an abundance of support and promotional opportunities
for exhibitors. Subsidizing any item entitles your company to be acknowledged on the
ISMRM web site as an official meeting supporter.

For more information, including pricing, please contact:
Roberta A. Kravitz, Executive Director, T: +1 510 841 1899, E: or,
Sandra Daudlin, Director of Meetings, T: +1 510 841 1899, E:


Opening Reception
Over 4,000 clinicians, scientists and technologists from all over the world attend our kickoff opening reception, duly noted as one of the best networking events at the ISMRM.

Closing Party
We have all worked hard and now it is time to relax and take time to make those final connections. Be the sole supporter of the ISMRM Closing Party.

Advertisement in the Guide to the Exhibition & Posters 
Your company’s advertisement in our full color Guide to the Exhibition & Posters is distributed to over 6,000 meeting attendees. Full page and half page spaces are available.

Email Stations
Constantly used! The screens of each station will display a particular message of your choice daily for our attendees to view.

ISMRM Meetings Mobile App
Be the sole or a daily supporter of the ISMRM meetings application for all hand held devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Androids. Have your ad pop up each time someone pulls up our app! Daily messaging with direct links to your booth or website.

Refreshment Concessions
Meeting attendees consistently report their preference for easy access to coffee, tea and soda at our events. Promote as many refreshment breaks as you desire or a continental breakfast and place your company’s branding in front of an appreciative audience.

Product Theatre
Do you want to make a private presentation on the exhibition floor on your company or product away from your booth? Do you want to make multiple presentations daily and/or throughout the week? It is possible! All you need to do is block available time slots. A theatre will be built to include chairs, podium, screen, projector and microphone. First come first serve; pricing based on package availability.

Product Display Bar
This service will be located on our exhibition floor in the ISMRM Resource Center. Our Product Display Bar will display your brochures and literature. This display bar is replacing the convention bag insert. Limited spaces will be available.

Attendee Notebook
This comprehensive notebook is an attendee favorite in planning day-to-day meeting activities. As the exclusive supporter, you will receive maximum visibility with your target audience. It will hold the following information: Schedule-At-A-Glance, Event Information, Exhibitor List, Exhibit Hall Floor Plan, 12-month Calendar, Expense Report, Customized Planning Pages, Note Pages, Local Restaurants, Entertainment, Attractions, Currency Conversions Chart, etc. First come, first served!

T-shirts are reported to be one of the most popular promotional items at meetings and can be distributed in the highly trafficked registration area. You may give away an existing company T-shirt, or incorporate the ISMRM meeting logo into your new design.

We hand out over 6,000 pens to our attendees every year. Support this popular item and see your company’s name in the hands and pockets of all our attendees!

Program-at-a-Glance Booklets
Our pocket-sized program is designed to fit into our badge holders. It is a handy reference for attendees seeking meeting information at-a-glance. Your company’s logo can be featured in this well-used publication.

Speaker Ready Room
Be seen in this highly trafficked area where industry leaders upload their presentations and visit many times throughout the week. With over 1200 speakers, this is certainly great coverage!

Banners in Approved Locations
Reinforce your company’s brand in front of thousands of potential customers with your banner positioned in a strategic location at the convention center. Specifications will be provided upon request.

Electronic/Digital Signage Advertisements
Visibility—all day long on digital screens at the convention center! You can’t beat this type of coverage.

Wireless Internet Support
Be the sole supporter of the Annual Meeting Wireless service. Receive signage and recognition for what will surely be one of the conference's most utilized services.

Custom Hotel Key Cards
Make your company visible to attendees every time they open their hotel room door. This is premium exposure for your company throughout the week with your company logo, booth number and/or message on each attendee’s hotel room key.

Massage Attendants
Invigorate our attendees by providing massage attendants, located near your booth. Always a hit!!

Charging Stations
Have attendees re-charge their electronic device at one of your strategically-placed electronic charging stations.

Your Idea!
Too many ideas to list! So please just let us know your great ideas for maximizing your exposure at the meeting. We are listening. Please note that all marketing ideas must be approved by ISMRM.

Contact Roberta Kravitz for marketing & support opportunities
T: +1 510 841 1899 F: +1 510 841 2340 E: