The Nation's Largest Rooftop Solar Array
Salt Lake County installed one of the nationís largest rooftop solar array projects atop the Salt Palace Convention Center in May 2012. This project features 6,006 solar panels.

US Green Building Award
Expansion in 2006 was awarded the U.S. Green Building Councilís Silver LEED.

Single-stream Recycling
Single stream recycling program for aluminum, paper, cardboard, and plastic.

Water Savers
Waterless urinals in the restrooms in save 40,000 gallons of water per urinal per year.

No water used outside building for cleanup- sweeping only.

Dishwashing machines with low-level water arms were installed in the kitchen, cutting water use by 30%.

High Standards for Indoor Air Quality
We monitor and exceed the indoor air quality standard by increasing the air exchange rates in the facility.

Bike racks are available in the parking structure to promote the use of human-powered mobility.

Car Pool Support
Preferred parking positions are available for car-pooling attendees at the Salt Palace.

Energy Savers
Variable frequency drives promote the efficient operation of our HVAC system: new expansion 35-40% energy savings, 25% energy savings on existing facility.

HVAC systems are controlled by a centralized system so the facility managers are aware of all temperature settings.

Power-use reduction policy implemented building wide for climate control & lighting; presently below last yearís usage of power despite an increase in space usage.

Concourse lighting/heating/cooling scheduled according to building use.

Stand-alone cooling system installed in Security Office so main chillers are not in use when the building is not occupied.

Eco-Friendly Landscape
Utilization of drip irrigation systems in our landscape features reduces water loss from evaporation.

The 2006 expansion has utilized water-efficient landscaping which has reduced anticipated water needs for this landscaping by 50%

Compost pile started; working on ways to have vendors contribute.

Sustainable Catering Efforts
Speaker water provided in carafes with glasses instead of bottles.

Caterer offers five-gallon water containers or coolers instead of plastic bottles.

Caterer recycles grease and fry oil.

Caterer uses 100% biodegradable Greenware plastic products made from plants including cups, plates, napkins and cutlery.

Caterer encourages local food-buying practices and uses organic food sources when appropriate.

Caterer distributes leftover food to The Road Home homeless shelter, Salt Lake Mission, and Utah Food Bank, and day-old bread products to local farms for animal consumption.

At least 50% of cleaning chemicals presently in use are green seal certified.

Caterer uses 100% biodegradable, noncaustic, citrus-based cleaner.

Sustainable Housekeeping
Toilet paper is 100% post-consumer, hand towels are 40% post-consumer.

Hand soap in restrooms is EPA green seal certified.

Paper Conservation
Office files changed from legal to letter size to conserve paper. Paper for office use is 20% post-consumer wherever possible. Implementing program to scan archived paper files for electronic storage and recycling of paper.

Energy-Efficient Lighting
A program is under way to replace all facility light fixtures with energy-efficient fluorescent lighting at a 40Ė60% savings in energy.

The executive offices all have motion sensors for the lighting systems so lights are only used when needed. 50% lighting levels in exhibit halls during move in/move out hours, heating or AC not provided.

Show lights reduced to 50% levels promptly at show closing.

Meeting room lights turned off when not in use.

Solar panels power and operate the lighting in parking structure.


We are pleased to be working with the Salt Palace Convention Center, not only for its exceptional meeting and exhibition space, but because of its well established corporate sustainability policies and practices.
ó Roberta A. Kravitz, Executive Director, ISMRM