Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2014 10-16 May 2014 Milan, Italy

(no CME credit)
Tuesday, 13 May 2014 (13:30-15:30)
Theater: Amber 6
Lounge: Amber 7 & 8

Study Group Committee: Chair, Tobias R. Schaeffter, Ph.D.; Vice-Chair, Clifford R. Weiss, M.D.; Secretary, Ergin Atalar, Ph.D.; Past-Chair, Graham A. Wright, Ph.D.


Program, Part 1: (Room: Theater, Amber 6)

13:30     Welcome & Business Meeting Interventional MR Study Group Committee
13:45     New from Groups  
14:00     Trainee Travel Award Session
(Titles to be announced after selection process)

Program, Part 2: (Room: Lounge, Amber 7 & 8)

14:30     Poster Session
For poster awards, a short 2-minute presentation followed by 2-minute discussion to be given to Jury
      Traditional Poster Presenters  
  1.) Backflow Variability Shows Importance of MR Monitoring of CED Infusions Ethan K. Brodsky, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA
  2.) Novel Intervention for Acute Migraine Headache Investigated by BOLD fMRI Tie-Qiang Li, Ph.D.
Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden
  3.) In Vivo Evaluation of Simultaneous MR-Electrophysiology in Large Animal Model Delphine Elbes, M.Sc.
University of Bordeaux, France
  4.) A New Method for MR Compatible Actuation: Solid Media Flexible Transmission Nicholas C. von Sternberg, M.Sc.
University of Houston, USA
  5.) Localization & Tracking with RF Coils that are Optically Detuned by the Control of an MR Compatible Manipulator Junmo An, M.Sc.
University of Houston, USA
  6.) Integration of an Inductive Driven Axially Split Quadrature Volume Coil with MRgFUS System for Treatment of Human Brain Ronald D. Watkins, A.A.S., A.O.S.
Stanford University School of Medicine, USA
  7.) RF Shimming in an MRgFUS Brain Transducer with a High Permittivity Material Kim Butts Pauly, Ph.D.
Stanford University, USA
  8.) Sympathetic Renal Denervation using MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound in a Porcine Model: A Feasibility Study Allison H. Payne, Ph.D.
University of Utah, USA
  9.) Near-Field Management During MR-HIFU Ablation in Highly Perfused Organs Joost Wijlemans, M.D.
University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands
  10.) Spatial & Temporal Characteristics of Soft Tissue Heating in
MR-HIFU Treatment of Bone Metastasis
Taylor D. Webb, M.Sc.E.Eng.
Stanford University, USA
  11.) Real-time Monitoring of Focused Ultrasound Inertial Cavitation on
Microbubbles by Gradient Echo MRI
Chen-Hua Wu
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
  12.) The Feasibility of Asymmetrical Loopless Antennas for
Therapeutic Ultrasound Catheter Cardiac Ablation Therapies
Mathew Carias, B.Sc.
Sunnybrook Research Institute, Canada
  13.) Methods for 3D Treatment Envelope Evaluation in Transcranial MRgFUS Henrik C. A. Odéen, M.Sc.
University of Utah, USA
  14.) Comparison of Single- & Multi-Echo PRF-Shift Thermometry & Method for Penalized-Likelihood Multi-Echo Temperature Reconstruction Pooja Gaur, B.Sc.
Vanderbilt University, USA
  15.) Accelerated Model-Based Proton Resonance Frequency Shift Temperature Mapping Using Echo-Based GRAPPA Reconstruction Feiyu Chen, B.Sc.
Tsinghua University, China
  16.) Effects of Model Inaccuracies in Model Predictive Filtering MRTI Henrik C. A. Odéen, M.Sc.
University of Utah, USA
  17.) Evaluation of Respiration-Induced Magnetic Field Disturbance Correction of MR Thermometry in Volunteers & in Patients for MR-HIFU Ablation of Breast Cancer: The Effects of Conscious Sedation Roel Deckers, Ph.D.
University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands
  18.) Temperature Map Reconstruction Directly from K-Space with Compensation for Heating-Induced Geometric Distortions Pooja Gaur, B.Sc.
Vanderbilt University, USA
    Electronic-Poster Presenters  
  1.) Simultaneous Acquisition of MR Acoustic Radiation Force Imaging & Proton Resonance Shift Thermometry with 3D Multi-Contrast Pulse Sequence Joshua T. de Bever, M.Sc.
University of Utah, USA
  2.) Intraoperative Assessment of Cerebrovascular Reserve Capacity During Tumor Resection with BOLD fMRI University Hospital Marco Piccirelli, Ph.D.
Zurich, Switzerland
  3.) Tracking a 6F Catheter Under MRI Using a Controllable Susceptibility Device: A New Tracking Mechanism William Dominguez-Viqueira, Ph.D.
Sunnybrook Research Institute, Canada
  4.) Feasibility of Gesture-Based Control of MRI-Guided Interventional Procedures Labonny Biswas, B.Sc.
Sunnybrook Research Institute, Canada
  5.) Real-Time Automatic Tracking with a Dedicated 3D Hall-Effect Integrated Circuit for MRI-Guided Interventions Loïc Cuvillon, Ph.D.
Strasbourg University - CNRS, France
  6.) Monopole-Drive for RF Ablation at 64 MHz Maryam Etezadi-Amoli, M.Sc.
Stanford University, USA
15:20     Award Ceremony & Concluding Remarks Tobias R. Schaeffter, Ph.D., Chair
King's College London, St. Thomas' Hospital, UK
15:30     Adjournment