Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2014 10-16 May 2014 Milan, Italy

(no CME credit)
Tuesday, 13 May 2014 (10:00 - 12:00)
Theater: Amber 6
Lounge: Amber 7 & 8

Study Group Committee: Chair, Hiroyuki Fujita, Ph.D.; Vice-Chair, Christoph Juchem, Ph.D.; Secretary, Fraser J. L. Robb, Ph.D.; Past-Chair, Mary P. McDougall, Ph.D.


Program 1: (Room: Theater, Amber 6)

10:00     Study Group Business & Introductions MR Engineering Study Group Committee
      A Special Tribute to Dr. William A. Edelstein  
10:10     Special Tribute 1 Glyn Johnson, Ph.D.
University of East Anglia, UK
10:30     Special Tribute 2 Paul A. Bottomley, Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins University, USA
10:50     Special Tribute 3 Peter B. Roemer, Ph.D.
GE Healthcare, USA

Program 2: (Room: Theater, Amber 6 & Lounge, Amber 7 & 8)

      Oral Presentations (I) - Theater, Amber 6  
11:10     An 8-Channel Transmit Receive Sodium & Nested 8-Channel Transmit Receive Proton Coil for 3.0 T Brain Imaging  Karthik Lakshmanan, M.Sc.
NYU Langone Medical Center, USA
11:20   A Wireless Digital Capacitor Module for Tuning Receive Coil Arrays Arne Reykowski, Ph.D.
Invivo Corporation, USA
11:30   Inverse RF Array Head Coil Design for MRI-LINAC System Yimeng Wang, B.Sc.
University of Queensland, Australia
11:40   A Novel Design Approach for Planar Local Transmit/Receive Antennas in 3T Spine Imaging Johanna Schöpfer, M.Sc.
FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
11:10   Poster Presentations (II) - Lounge, Amber 7 & 8  
  1.) Replacing Individual Baluns with Quarter Wavelength Baluns in Multi-Channel Arrays Thomas Grafendorfer, M.Sc.
GE Healthcare, USA
  2.) Improvement of Parallel Imaging Using High Permittivity Material (HPM) – Demonstration with Liver Imaging at 3T Zhipeng Cao, Ph.D.
Vanderbilt University, USA
  3.) Design & Application of a Nested Multi-Channel Sodium/Proton Knee Array at 3T Ryan J. Brown, Ph.D.
NYU Langone Medical Center, USA
  4.) Cartesian Feedback Configuration with Direct RF Signal Injection for Power Amplifier Linearization at 1.5T MRI Jonathan Y. Lu, B.Sc.
Stanford University, USA
  5.) Design & Testing of a 9-Channel Phased Array Coil for Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused Ultrasound Treatment of the Abdominal Region in Large Animal Models Emilee Minalga, M.Sc.
University of Utah, USA
  6.) Improving Central Transmit Efficiency & Homogeneity Using Interleaved Shielded Dielectric Discs & Coil Elements in a 4-Element Transmit/Receive Array at 7T Manushka Vaidya, M.Eng.
New York University, USA
  7.) A 64-Channel Cardiac Receive-Only Phased Array Coil for
Cardiac Imaging at 3T
Mark Schuppert, Dipl.-Ing.
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany
  8.) A Fully Integrated Automatic Tune & Match System for an 8-Channel Transmit/Receive Cardiac TEM Array at 7T: Initial Results in a Phantom & Volunteers Graeme A. Keith, M.Sc.
University of Oxford, UK
  9.) A Double-Row Transmit Array with Broadband Sheath-Wave
Damping for 7T Human Head Imaging
Roland Müller, M.Eng.
MPI for Human Cognitive & Brain Sciences, Germany
  10.) Excitation Performance & SAR Control with Z-Stacked Body RF
Coil Arrays in Parallel Transmission at 3T
Xiaotong Zhang, Ph.D.
Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, USA
  11.) Adaptive Head Array Victor Taracila, Ph.D.
GE Healthcare, USA
  12.) A Field Probe Transceiver System with Controllable RF Coupling & Decoupling Ying-Hua Chu, M.Sc.
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  13.) Automatic Matching of Transmit Arrays with Optically Controlled Capacitors Georgios Katsikatsos, M.Sc.
ETH, Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Switzerland
  14.) Effects of Co-Planar Element Shielding on Array Performance at 7T Samantha T. By, B.Sc.
Texas A&M University, USA
  15.) B1 Homogenization & Local SAR Reduction Using B1-Control
Receive Array Coil at 3T
Yukio Kaneko, Ph.D.
Hitachi, Ltd.
  16.) A Method to Calculate the Noise Factor of the Receive Coil Matching Network Xueming Cao, M.Sc.
University Hospital Freiburg, Germany
  17.) Four Element Endorectal Array Coil for Improved Sensitivity in Human Prostate Imaging Ronald D. Watkins, A.A.S., A.O.S.
Stanford University School of Medicine, USA
  18.) Design of a 96-Channel Bilateral Prone Breast Array for High
Performance Parallel MRI
Michael J. Smith, Ph.D.
National Research Council of Canada, Canada
  19.) An Eight-Channel Transmit/Receive Phased-Array Head Coil with an ICE Decoupling Method at 7T Xinqiang Yan, B.Sc.
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  20.) An 8-Channel Integrated Balun Phased Array (IBPA) for Small Anatomical Features Wolfgang Loew, M.Eng.
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, USA
  21.) A Whole Body Conduction Cooled MRI Magnet Design for Ultra-
High Field Strength of 7T
Michael A. Martens, Ph.D.
Case Western Reserve University, USA
  22.) Design, Construction & Initial Evaluation of a Folded Insertable Head Gradient Coil Trevor P. Wade, Ph.D.
Robarts Research Institute, Canada
  23.) Whole Body RF Coil Design for a Simultaneous PET-MR System Saikat Saha, Ph.D.
GE Healthcare, USA
11:50     Award Presentations & Concluding Remarks Hiroyuki Fujita, Ph.D., Chair
Quality Electrodynamics, LLC, USA
12:00     Adjournment