Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2014 10-16 May 2014 Milan, Italy

(no CME credit)
Thursday, 15 May 2014 (10:30-12:30)
Theater: Amber 5
Lounge: Amber 1 & 2

Study Group Committee: Chair, Paul E. Summers, Ph.D.; Secretary, Leon Axel, M.D., Ph.D.; Program Director, Daniel B. Ennis, Ph.D.; Past Chair, Michael Markl, Ph.D.


Program, Part 1 (Room: Theater, Amber 5)

10:30 Business Meeting & Welcoming New Executive Committee Members Paul E. Summers, Ph.D., Chair
IEO/ UniMoRe, Italy
  Poster Teasers  
10:50 2-min Poster Teasers Speakers to be Announced
11:00 Break, Move to Lounge for Poster Presentations  

Program, Part 2 (Room: Lounge, Amber 1 & 2)
Parallel Sessions: Traditional Poster Presentations (I) & E-/Power Posters (II)

11:00 Traditional Poster Presentations (I)- Odd Numbered Traditional Posters  
  Pixel-by-Pixel-Based Discrimination of Inflammation Using Multi-Parametric MRI Ana Belen Martin Recuero
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Spain
  Microvascular Obstruction Inhibits Infarct Healing & Enhances Compensatory Ventricular Hypertrophy: Experimental Cardiac MRI Study Maythem Saeed, Ph.D.
University of California at San Francisco, USA
  Relationship Between Diaphragmatic Motion & Heart Motion during Prolonged Breath-Hold Sébastien Roujol, Ph.D.
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, USA
  On the Quantification of Turbulent Kinetic Energy using Phase-Contrast MRI Christian Binter, M.Sc.
ETH Zurich Institution of Biomed. Engineering, Switzerland
  Estimation of Transvalvular Flow Jet Angle using 4D Flow MRI & Flow Jet Shear Layer Detection Julio Garcia, M.D.
Northwestern University, USA
  Pressure Gradient Measurement in the Coronary Artery Using View-Shared (VS) 4D PC-MRI: Towards Noninvasive Quantification of Fractional Flow Reserve Zixin Deng, B.Sc.
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, USA
  Wall Shear Stress Quantification & Reproducibility Using Variable VENC 4D Phase Contrast MRI in the Aorta Wouter V. Potters, M.Sc.
Academic Medical Center, The Netherlands
  Optimization of Short-TE Phase Contrast Flow Quantification Brett R. Cowan, M.D.
University of Auckland, New Zealand
  Assessment of Aortic Stenosis Severity using Bayesian Multipoint Phase-Contrast MRI Christian Binter, M.Sc.
ETH Zurich Institution of Biomed. Engineering, Switzerland
  Influence of Uterine Artery Blood Flow & Abdominal Aortic Hemodynamics: Implications for Sex Dependent AAA Development Elizabeth M. Iffrig, B.Sc.
Emory University, USA
  Enforcing Divergence Free to Velocity Data from 4D Flow MR Alejandro M. Pino Verdugo, B.Sc.Phys.
Images Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile
  Determination of Age-Related Regional Pulse Wave Velocity with 4D Flow MRI Petter Dyverfeldt, Ph.D.
Linköping University, Sweden
  The Effect of Phase Cross-Contamination by Partial Central K-Space in Cine Phase Contrast MRI Teng-Chieh Cheng, B.Sc.
Feng Chia University, Taiwan
  Reduced FOV Velocity Mapping by Complex Subtraction Unfolding Maya Khalifé, M.Bio.Eng.
IR4M, CNRS Université Paris-Sud XI, France
11:45  Traditional Poster Presentations (I) - Even Numbered Traditional Posters  
  Magnetic Resonance Rheology of the Human Brain Sebastian Theilenberg, M.Sc.
University of Bonn, Germany
  Waves as Biosensor for Microarchitecture Simon Lambert, Ph.D.
Université' Paris Didero, France
  MR Elastography of MPTP-Induced Parkinson's Disease in the Mouse Ingolf Sack, Ph.D.
Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany
  Quantitative Assessment of Spatial & Temporal Pulmonary Arterial Regurgitation after Repaired Tetralogy of Fallot Pei-Hsin Wu, Ph.D.
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  Quantitative Analysis of Vortex Flow Patterns in 4D Flow Measurements Jochen von Spiczak, M.Sc.
University Hospital of Cologne, Germany
  Motion Correction for Free-Breathing Whole Heart T1 Mapping at 3-Tesla Qian Tao, Ph.D.
Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands
  In Vivo Cardiac MRI Development for Studying Zebrafish Models of Myocardial Disease Niranchana Manivannan, M.Sc.
The Ohio State University, USA
  Visualization of Aortic Root Vortex & Aortic Flow for Symptomatic Marfan Syndrome Patients by Phase-Contrast MRI Hung-Hsuan Wang, B.Sc.
BMES, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
  Development of an Isolated MR-Compatible Working Pig Heart Setup for Structural & Functional Analysis of Cardiac Diseases Fanny Vaillant, Ph.D.
IHU LIRYC, PTIB, Hopital Xavier Arnozan, France
  Does Phase Contrast MRI Provide the Mean Velocity of the Spins within a Voxel? Eduardo Gonzalez
University of Brasilia, Brazil
11:00 E-/Power Poster Presentations (II)  
  New Pulse Sequence Combining Diffusion MRI & MR Elastography (dMRE) Ziying Yin, M.Sc.
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
  Effects of Age & Smoking on Endothelial Function Assessed by Quantitative MRI in the Peripheral & Central Vasculature Yongxia Zhou, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania, USA
  A New Perspective on the 4-point Balanced Velocity-Encoding Yu Ding, Ph.D.
Ohio State University, USA
  Quantification of Energy Loss in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy using 4D Flow MRI Carla Contaldi, M.D.
Northwestern University, USA
  ECG/Navigator-Free 4D Whole-Heart Coronary MRA with Simultaneous Visualization of Cardiac Function & Anatomy Jianing Pang, M.Sc.
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, USA
  Hemodynamic Fingerprinting of Altered 3D Blood Characteristics in Aortic Disease Julio Garcia, M.D.
Northwestern University, USA
11:20 Comprehensive Analysis of Total Cavo-Pulmonary Connection Hemodynamics with In Vivo & In Vitro 4D Flow MRI & Computational Fluid Dynamics Alejandro Roldán-Alzate, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin, USA
  Highly Accelerated Phase Contrast Imaging using Compressed Sensing & Iterative Reconstruction for High Resolution Short Breathhold Flow Acquisitions Andreas Greiser, Dipl.-Phys.
Siemens Medical Solutions, Germany
  Probabilistic Flow Connectivity Mapping with 4D Flow MRI Data for the Assessment of Blood Mixing in Fontan Circulation Kelly Jarvis, M.B.A.
Northwestern University, USA
  Tissue Phase Mapping Analysis of IKr-Blocker E4031 Effects on Mechanical Cardiac Function in Transgenic Long-QT Syndrome Type-1 Rabbits Marius Menza, Dipl.-Phys.
University Medical Center Freiburg, Germany
  Inline Generation of Tagline Density Maps for Radial Strain Quantification from Circular MR Tagging Ali Aghaeifar, M.Sc.
BME, Tehran Polytechnic, Iran
  Tissue Phase Mapping Using Single Breath-hold 4D PCMR Jennifer A. Steeden, Ph.D.
University College London, UK
11:40 Highly Accelerated Cine DENSE MRI with k-t SPARSE SENSE Elwin Bassett, B.Sc.
Utah Center for Advanced Img. Research, USA
  Effect of LV Pacing Lead Position & Presence of Ventricular Dyssynchrony on Response to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: A CMR study Gregory Hartlage, M.Sc.
Emory University School of Medicine, USA
  Evaluating Both Normal & Ectopic Cardiac Cycles in Patients with Arrhythmias Using Free-Breathing Compressed Sensing MRI with Physiological Motion Synchronization Li Feng, M.Sc.
New York University School of Medicine, USA
  Single Beat Approach to Left Ventricular Diastolic Chamber Stiffness Independent of Relaxation Time Constant Tau Chun G. Schiros, Ph.D.
Auburn University, USA
  A Dedicated 64-Channel Cardiac Receive-Only Phased Array Coil: Initial Experience Mark Schuppert, Dipl.-Ing.
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany
  Cine DENSE Strain Imaging of the Right Ventricle: Initial Experience in Heart Failure Sophia Cui, B.Sc.
University of Virginia, USA
12:00 3D Fractal Analysis of Pulmonary MRA Distinguishes Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Patients from Normal Volunteers Phillip C. Kilgas, B.Sc.
University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA
  Multimodality Tissue Tracking Algorithm of Myocardial Strain: Initial Validation with Tagged MRI Fabio S. Ramon, M.Sc.
National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, USA
  Effect of Main Pulmonary Artery Dilation & Stiffness on Right Ventricular Volume Overload & Function in Patients with Repaired Tetralogy of Fallot Liang Zhong, Ph.D.
National Heart Centre, Singapore
  Modes of Shear Waves in Brain MR Elastography Cemre Ariyurek, M.Sc.
UMRAM - Bilkent University, Turkey
  A Robust & Automatic Cardiac & Respiratory Motion Detection Framework for Self-Navigated Radial MRI Li Feng, M.Sc.
New York University School of Medicine, USA
  Manifold Learning Based ECG-free Free Breathing Cardiac MRI for Highly Accelerated CINE Muhammad Usman, Ph.D.
King's College London, UK
12:20 Closing Words Paul E. Summers, Ph.D., Chair
IEO/ UniMoRe, Italy
12:30 Adjournment