Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2014 10-16 May 2014 Milan, Italy

MR-Guided Electro-Physiology Procedures
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
ORGANIZERS: Wolfgang R. Bauer, M.D., Ph.D. & Michael Bock, Ph.D.
Thursday, 15 May 2014
Cardiac EP procedures are currently performed under X-ray guidance, which provides an excellent visualization of the catheter. Unfortunately, it is unable to map the cather location in the heart which is needed for the treatment of arrhythmias. Recently, MR-safe EP instrumentation has become available, and novel MR imaging and tracking methods have been developed. This course is giving an overview over the current status and the future clinical applications of MR-guided EP.
Interventional cardiologists and MR-scientists working in interventional MRI who seek to expand their skills beyond X-ray guided EP procedures and develop skills related to MR-guided EP.

As a result of attending this course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the current limitations and technical solutions for MR-EP procedures;
  • Define the advantages and disadvantages of MR-guidance during EP procedures; and
  • Set up an imaging protocol for an MR-EP procedures at their institution.


Moderators: Wolfgang R. Bauer, M.D., Ph.D. & Michael Bock, Ph.D.

16:00 Clinical Indications for EP Procedures Jeanette Schulz-Menger, M.D.
16:20   Real-Time MRI Guided Ablation & Lesion Formation - permission withheld Christopher J. McGann, M.D.
16:40 Setting Up an MR Suite for EP Tobias R. Schäffter, Ph.D.
17:00 Catheters for MR-EP Charles L. Dumoulin, Ph.D.
17:20 Special Safety Requirements for EP Procedures Ergin Atalar, Ph.D.
17:40 Combined MR-X-ray Suites: An Essential Pre-Requisite for MR-EP? Reza Razavi, M.D.
18:00     Adjournment