Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2014 10-16 May 2014 Milan, Italy

Preclinical Cancer Imaging
SKILL LEVEL: Basic to Intermediate
ORGANIZERS: E. Jim Delikatny, Ph.D. & Kristine Glunde, Ph.D.
Saturday, 10 May 2014 (08:30 - 16:30)
This one-day course will focus on cancer in preclinical models including MR imaging, MR spectroscopy and MR spectroscopic imaging studies. The first part of the course will be geared to beginners. It will describe tumor physiology and metabolism and the basic 'how to' aspects of a range of preclinical methods in different types of models. The second part of the course will be geared to beginners/intermediates. It will describe the application of the methods outlined in part one to preclinical cancer research. It will cover well-established applications and emerging state-of-the-art approaches. Thus it is anticipated that the second part of course will prepare participants for new cancer-related MR applications that may emerge in the next few years.
Basic cancer researcher using MRI, MRS, or molecular imaging, translational cancer researchers using MRI, MRS, or molecular imaging. This course is designed for radiologists, oncologists and research scientists with an interest in oncology. It will be helpful to those with less experience, as well as those with a moderate amount of experience in the field.

As a result of attending this course, participants should be able to:

  • Apply the basics of tumor physiology and metabolism to the interpretation of MRI/MRS of cancer;
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of emerging imaging biomarkers of cancer;
  • Integrate standard and new MRI and MRS techniques into preclinical cancer studies; and
  • Select the best cell, tissue, and animal models for MR studies of cancer.


Moderators: E. Jim Delikatny, Ph.D. & Kristine Glunde, Ph.D.

      The Basics  
08:30 Tumor Physiology Natalie J. Serkova, Ph.D.
09:00 Tumor Vasculature Arvind P. Pathak, Ph.D.
09:30 Tumor Metabolism: Glucose, Glutamine & Lipids Carles Arús, Ph.D.
10:00     Break - Meet the Teachers  
      Tumor Microenvironment  
10:30 Imaging Tumor Hypoxia Ralph P. Mason, Ph.D.
11:00 pH in Cancer Robert J. Gillies, Ph.D.
11:30 Theranostic Probes for Cancer Imaging Anna V. Moore, Ph.D.
12:00     Lunch Break  
      12:00 - 12:15 - Meet the Teachers  
      Novel Techniques  
13:00 Exploring Metabolism in Cancer through MRS Franca Podo, Ph.D.
13:30 HR-MAS MRS for Cancer Metabolomics Tone F. Bathen, Ph.D.
14:00 CEST Imaging of Cancer Ravinder Reddy, Ph.D.
14:30     Break - Meet the Teachers  
15:00 Modeling Cancer in MR Studies: Cells & Animals Marie-France Penet, Ph.D.
15:30 Monitoring Treatment Response Bradford A. Moffat, Ph.D.
16:00 Translational MRI/MRS of Cancer Harish Poptani, Ph.D.
16:30     Adjournment  
      16:30-16:45 Meet the Teachers