Outstanding Teacher Awards
Saturday Courses Winner Talk
Preclinical Cancer Imaging Arvind P. Pathak, Ph.D. Tumor Vasculature
Molecular Imaging Kevin M. Brindle, Ph.D. How to Use HP Agents
An Update on fMRI Frederico De Martino, Ph.D. Basic Neuroscience: fMRI Studies of Sensory Systems
Functional Connectivity: MRI Measures of Spontaneous Fluctuations in Intrinsic Networks Paul M. Matthews, M.D., D.Phil. Connectivity Studies in Large Populations
Diffusion Goes Mad Gareth J. Barker, Ph.D. From Diffusion Weighting to the Diffusion Tensor Indices
Advanced Diffusion Acquisition Bennett A. Landman, Ph.D. Compressed Sensing for Fast Acquisition
MRI of Sports Related Injuries Christian W.A. Pfirrmann, M.D., M.B.A. Hip: Intra-articular Injuries
Multidisciplinary Neuroradiology, Part 1 Kevin M. Johnson, Ph.D. CNS Aneurysms & Vascular Malformations: Physics Perspective
MR Systems Engineering Robin A. de Graaf, Ph.D. Shimming: Fields, Coils & Control
MR Physics for Physicists Robert V. Mulkern, Ph.D. Problems in MR that Need Quantum Mechanics: The Density Matrix Approach
Sunday Courses Winner Talk
Multidisciplinary Neuroradiology, Part 2 Eric L.J. Achten, M.D., Ph.D. Epilepsy: Radiologic Perspective
Cardiac Function, Perfusion & Tissue Characterization John P. Greenwood, M.B.Ch.B., Ph.D., MRCP Evaluation of Cardiac Perfusion: Clinical Needs
Technical Advances in Cardiovascular Imaging  Michael Markl, Ph.D. Flow Imaging: Advanced Techniques
Perfusion Richard B. Buxton, Ph.D. What is Perfusion, & How is it Measured?
Ultra-High Magnetic Field Diffusion, Perfusion & Functional MRI Alard F. Roebroeck, Ph.D. Ex Vivo Diffusion MRI at 7 Tesla
A Practical Guide to MR Safety Robert E. Watson, M.D. MRI Safety Events: Lessons Learned
Methods En Vogue: How Have They Fared Over Time? Oliver Speck, Ph.D. Motion-Correction Techniques
Body MRI: How We Do It Andrea G. Rockall, MRCP, FRCR MRI in Post-Menopausal Bleeding
Clinical Cancer MRI Susan M. Ascher, M.D. Adnexal Masses: 5 Imaging Pearls
RF Engineering- Coils Scott B. King, Ph.D. Basics of Transmission Lines & Power Transfer
Imaging Acquisition & Reconstruction Karla L. Miller, Ph.D. Spoiled & Balanced Gradient-Echo Sequences
Sunrise Courses Winner Talk
Hot Topics in Body MRI Daniel Cornfeld, M.D. Appendicitis
Clinical Utility of MRS in Oncology Peter B. Barker, D.Phil. Pro-MRS
Cardiac MRA Oliver Wieben, Ph.D. Comprehensive Vascular MRI: Technical
Clinical Imaging for Engineers & Scientists Anwar R. Padhani, M.B.B.S.,FRCP, FRCR Body: Cancer
Translational Pathways & Validation Louise van der Weerd, Ph.D. Interpreting Your MR Images Using Molecular Biology
Quantitative Imaging & Modeling Alex L. MacKay, D.Phil. Modeling Structure with Relaxation: T2
Presurgical Brain Mapping Alberto Bizzi, M.D. Presurgical Brain Mapping: fMRI & DTI
Fat Quantifications in MSK Imaging Diego Hernando, Ph.D. Technical Factors
Absolute Beginners Guide to Neuroimaging Methods Natalia Petridou, D.Sc. fMRI Basics
Nuts & Bolts of Advanced Imaging Michael S. Hansen, Ph.D. Fundamentals of Image Reconstruction
Nuts & Bolts of Advanced Imaging Philip J. Beatty, Ph.D. Fundamentals of Image Reconstruction
Weekday Courses, by Category Winner Talk
Body MRI Regina G. H. Beets-Tan, M.D., Ph.D. A Paradigm Shift in Rectal Cancer Treatment & the New Role of MRI
Cancer Brian D. Ross, Ph.D. Focus on DWI in Cancer
Cardiovascular Oliver Wieben, Ph.D. 4D Flow Imaging
Cross Cutting & Emerging Technologies Christopher J. McGann, M.D. Real-Time MRI Guided Ablation & Lesion Formation
Cross Cutting & Emerging Technologies Tobias R. Schäffter, Ph.D. Setting Up an MR Suite for EP
Diffusion/Perfusion Mark Jenkinson, Ph.D. fMRI: How to Find Activation & Influence Significance
Musculoskeletal David M. Panicek, M.D. MRI of Common Bone Tumors
Neuro Jeroen Hendrikse, M.D., Ph.D. Physiology & Relevance of Cerebrovascular Reserve