Booth Space & Designs
Booth Space Design Options

In an effort to create a balanced exhibit floor, all exhibits will be positioned strategically throughout the floor plan. In fairness to all participating companies, no company shall be granted the primary location nearest the entrance for consecutive years. ISMRM reserves the right to rearrange the floor plan at any time, for any reason or any other space. ISMRM also reserves the right to relocate any exhibitors should it become necessary for causes beyond the control of ISMRM or advisable in the best judgment of the ISMRM. The signing of the contract constitutes full agreement with these assignment policies and procedures.

Please note that the final floor plan will be different from the preliminary floor plan shown in the Prospectus for the purpose of booth selection. The ISMRM re-draws its floor plan yearly based on the requests and needs of its exhibitors, rather than requiring its exhibitors to fit into an existing model. The ISMRM reserves all rights to draw a floor plan that best meets its show requirements, but will do all possible to accommodate exhibitors’ requests as submitted on the contract for booth space.

In-Line Exhibits

Linear booths, also called “In-line” booths, are generally arranged in a straight line and have neighboring exhibitors on their immediate right and left, leaving only one side exposed to the aisle. The entire rented space may be occupied from the floor up to a height of 3 meters by 3 meters wide. Any items above .91 meter in height must be inset by .30 meter from the aisle. The booth will include white bi-laminated panels with an aluminum frame and a fascia board with your company's name and booth number.


Island Exhibit

An island booth is any size booth exposed to aisles on all four sides. A diagram must be submitted to the ISMRM General Contractor, Patti McDowell, Freeman, no later than sixty (60) days prior to the first day of move-in. A maximum of four (4) meters will be considered due ceiling heights. This is very important for you to note and any questions or concerns should be directed to Patti McDowell,



Preliminary Floor Plan

Please note: Our 2014 Technical Exhibition Floor, Electronic Posters and Traditional Poster Floor will be different than in previous years due to the nuance of the exhibition hall space.

Our Traditional Poster Floor will be housed in a separate hall/space from the Technical Exhibition & E-Poster Floor. The Traditional Poster Hall will be located in the South Wing of the MiCo, Level 0. When you enter the Traditional Poster Hall, you will be entering a hall that has only traditional posters on the floor.

The Technical Exhibition Floor will be located together with the Electronic Posters, in the North Wing of the MiCo, Level 0. When you enter the Technical Exhibition Hall, you are entering a hall that will have corporate exhibition booths and electronic multimedia computer posters, crossing the hall. Essentially both halls are on the same level and connected via a short walk-way. They are however, totally separate buildings and spaces.

Our rules and regulations have been created to give each exhibitor the most effective use of rented space. Space dimensions shown on floor plans are from center line of booth equipment, such as side rails and/or back drape. Exhibit structures must be constructed to allow sufficient tolerance on each side for this equipment and for utility service at the rear of the booth. ISMRM will provide aisle carpet only. All booths must be carpeted.

For more information please see the prospectus.


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