ISMRM 23rd Annual Meeting & Exhibition • 30 May - 05 June 2015 • Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Study Group Session • High Field Systems & Applications

Day: Tuesday, 2 June 2015
Time: 13:30-15:30
Room: Constitution Hall 105
Study Group Committee: Chair, Lawrence L. Wald, Ph.D.; Vice-Chair, Mark E. Ladd, Ph.D.
Secretary, Peter R. Luijten, Ph.D.; Past-Chair, Franz Schmitt

13:30 Welcome & Business Meeting Lawrence L. Wald, Ph.D.
    A.A. Martinos Center MGH, USA
13:35 Invited Presentations: What is Needed to Bring 7T to the Clinic?  
13:40 Overview: What is Needed to Bring 7T to the Clinic? Stefan Schönberg, M.D.
    University Medical Centre Mannheim, Germany
14:00 What's Needed for MSK? Siegfried Trattnig, M.D.
    Medical University of Vienna, Austria
14:15 What's Needed for Body/Cancer? Tom W. J. Scheenen, Ph.D.
    Radboud Univ. Nijmegen Medical Center, The Netherlands
14:30 What's Needed for Neuro? Michael V. Knopp, M.D., Ph.D.
    The Ohio State University, USA
14:45 Rapid Abstract Presentations:  Clinical Use of >7T  
  1H MRS Study of Metabolic Alternations in Schizophrenia  Zhongxu An, B.Sc.
  at 7T UT Southwestern Medical Center, USA
  The Three-Dimensional Shape of the Myopic Eye Measured  Jan-Willem M. Beenakker, Ph.D.
  with MRI Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands
  7T Imaging of Patients with Focal Epilepsy Who Appear  Rebecca E. Feldman, Ph.D.
  Non-Lesional in Diagnostic 1.5T & 3T MRI Scans: First Results Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA
  Ultra-short TE STEAM Improves Hepatic Lipid Quantification Martin Gajdosik, M.Sc.
   & Profiling at 7T Medical University of Vienna, Austria
  Comparing Different Contrasts for Myelin-related Cortical  Roy Haast, M.Sc.
  Mapping at 7T Maastricht University, The Netherlands
  A Parkinson's Disease 31P-MRSI Study at 7T Silvina G. Horovitz, Ph.D.
    National Institute of Neurological Disorder, USA
  High Percentage of MS Lesions Found to Have a Central Vein  Zahra Hosseini, M.Appl.Sc.
  Using Single Slice SWI at 7 Tesla Robarts Research Institute, Canada
  Enhanced Functional Connectivity between Sub-regions in the  Jun Hua, Ph.D.
  Thalamus & Cortex in Schizophrenia Patients Measured by  Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA
  Resting State BOLD fMRI at 7T  
  A Comprehensive 7 Tesla MRI Protocol for Quantitative (T1-, T2-,  Andrea Lazik, M.D.
  T2*-Mapping) & Morphological Hip Cartilage Imaging University Hospital Essen, Germany
  Evaluating Brain Metabolites in Patients with Glioma Using Short  Yan Li, M.D., Ph.D.
  & Long TE MRSI at 3T & 7T University of California, San Francisco, USA
  MR Imaging of the Temporomandibular Joint at 7.0 Tesla: A  Ioan-Andrei Manoliu, M.D., Ph.D.
  Feasibility Study Using Novel High Permittivity Dielectric Pads University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
  In Vivo MR Microscopy of the Nervus Opticus at 3.0 T & 7.0 T:  Katharina M. Paul, Dipl.-Phys.
  Anatomical & Diffusion Weighted Imaging in Healthy Subjects  Berlin Ultrahigh Field Facility (B.U.F.F.), Germany
  & Patients with Optic Nerve Glioma  
  In Vivo Quantification of Human Hippocampal Subfields in Health Clive Rosenthal, Ph.D.
   & in Organic Amnesia Using 7.0-Tesla 0.4mm2 3-D Fast Spin  University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  Echo Imaging  
  Comparison of QSM, T2-Relaxometry & T2-Weighted Imaging  Petra Schmalbrock, Ph.D.
  at 7T for Assessment of Basal Ganglia Iron in MS Patients The Ohio State University, USA
  Phase Contrast MRI Differentiates between Brain Lesions in  Tim Sinnecker, M.D.
  Neuromyelitis Optica & Multiple Sclerosis – Preliminary Data  Charité University Hospital, Germany
  from a 7T MRI Study  
  Elevated Glutamate Concentrations in the Visual Cortex of  Jannie P. Wijnen, Ph.D.
  Migraine without Aura Detected at 7 Tesla University Medical Centre Utrecht, The Netherlands
  T1rho & T2 Relaxation Times in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis  Cory Wyatt, Ph.D.
  at 3 Tesla & 7 Tesla University of California, San Francisco, USA
  Relaxation-weighted Sodium MRI of Breast Lesions at 7T Stefan Zbyn, M.Sc.
    Medical University of Vienna, Austria
15:15 Poster Awards & Concluding Remarks Lawrence L. Wald, Ph.D.
    A.A. Martinos Center MGH, USA
15:30 Adjournment