ISMRM 23rd Annual Meeting & Exhibition 30 May - 05 June 2015 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cardiac MRI: Function, Perfusion & Viability
ORGANIZERS: Daniel B. Ennis, Ph.D. & Thomas K. F. Foo, Ph.D.
Saturday, 30 May 2015
This course will review the essentials for any cardiac exam, then provide an overview of the clinical needs, technical foundations, and research promises focused on evaluating cardiac function, perfusion, and viability.
Attendees, including medical physicists, who have an emerging interest and want to develop a working knowledge of cardiac MRI, gain an in-depth perspective on the technical foundations, in order to improve clinical diagnostics or advance research in cardiac function, perfusion, and viability imaging.

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Select the appropriate solutions to meet the clinical needs of cardiac imaging in: i) heart failure, ii) ischemic heart disease, iii) non-ischemic heart disease;
  • Recognize the clinical indications and assess emerging techniques for cardiac perfusion imaging in ischemic heart disease; and
  • Appraise novel methods for cardiac viability imaging for non-ischemic heart disease.


Moderators: Victor A. Ferrari, M.D. & Michael Jerosch-Herold, Ph.D.

    The Basics of a Cardiac MRI Exam
08:00 The Basic Cardiac MRI Examination: Physical Principles
Martin J. Graves, Ph.D.
08:30 Clinical Workflow, Anatomy, Cardiac Views, 17-Segment Model, Contrast Agents
Ulrich Kramer, M.D.
    Evaluation of Cardiac Function
09:00 Clinical Needs: Heart Failure & How We Image It
Michael Salerno, M.D., Ph.D.
09:25 Technical Foundations: Physics of Bright Blood Imaging
Subashini Srinivasan, Ph.D.
09:50 Research Promises: Real-time/Free-breathing/Ungated Functional Assessment
Tobias Block, Ph.D.
10:15   Break & Meet the Teachers
    Evaluation of Cardiac Perfusion
10:30 Clinical Needs: Ischemic Heart Disease & How We Image It
Bobak Heydari, M.D.
10:55 Technical Foundations: Physics of Perfusion Imaging
Daniel Kim, Ph.D.
11:20 Research promises: Real-time/Free-breathing/Ungated Perfusion
Edward V. R. DiBella, Ph.D.
    Evaluation of Late Gadolinium Enhancement
11:45 Clinical Needs: Inflammation/Sarcoid/Non-Ischemic Applications & How We Image It
Joao Lima, M.D., M.B.A.
12:10   Technical Foundations: Physics of LGE Imaging
Peter Kellman, Ph.D.
12:35   Research Promises: Parametric Mapping
Richard B. Thompson, Ph.D.
12:55   Lunch & Meet the Teachers