ISMRM 23rd Annual Meeting & Exhibition • 30 May - 05 June 2015 • Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Study Group Session • MR Engineering

Day: Wednesday, 3 June 2015
Time: 13:30-15:30
Room: Constitution Hall 105
Study Group Committee:
Chair, Christoph Juchem, Ph.D.; Chair-Elect, Fraser J. L. Robb, Ph.D.; Secretary, Steven M. Wright, Ph.D.;
Past Chair, Hiroyuki Fujita, Ph.D.

13:30 Welcome & Business Meeting Christoph Juchem, Ph.D.
    Yale University School of Medicine, USA
  Scientific Focus Session  
  Dynamic Non-Linear Fields in MR: Technology & Applications  
13:40 Dynamic Shim Updating with Spherical Harmonic Functions Klaas P. Pruessmann, Ph.D.
    University & ETH Zürich, Switzerland
13:50 Dynamically Controlled Adaptive Current Network Blaine A. Chronik, Ph.D.
    University of Western Ontario, Canada
14:00 Dynamic Multi-Coil Technique (DYNAMITE) Robin A. de Graaf, Ph.D.
    Yale University School of Medicine, USA
14:10 Parallel Imaging with Local Encoding Fields (PATLOC) Maxim Zaitsev, Ph.D.
    University Medical Centre Freiburg, Germany
14:20 Steering Resonance Over the Object (STEREO) Michael Garwood, Ph.D.
    University of Minnesota, USA
  Poster Awards Session  
14:30 Approaching the Theoretical Limit for 129Xe Hyperpolarisation  Graham Norquay, M.Sc.
  with Continuous-Flow Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
  Determination of the Optimal Number of Coil Elements: A  Mark Schuppert, Dipl.-Ing.
  Semi-Theoretical Approach Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany
  Design Optimization & Evaluation of a 64-Channel Cardiac  Robin Etzel, B.Sc.
  Array Coil at 3T Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
  Cryogenic Receive-Only 7 Tesla Coil for MRI of Hyperpolarized P. Balthazar Lechene, Ph.D.
  13C University of California at Berkeley, USA
  Parallel-Plate Waveguide for Subject-Insensitive RF  Shumin Wang, Ph.D. (on behalf of Hai Lu)
  Transmission Auburn University, USA
  An On-Coil Current-Source Amplifier with Integrated Real-Time  Natalia Gudino, Ph.D.
  Optical Monitoring of B1 Amplitude & Phase National Institutes of Health, USA
  An Integrated Negative Resistance Current Amplifier to Enhance  Chunqi Qian, Ph.D.
  the Sensitivity of a Weakly Coupled Local Detector Michigan State University, USA
  The RTL-SDR USB Dongle: A Versatile Tool in the RF Lab Roland Müller, Dipl.-Ing.
    MPI for Human Cognitive & Brain Sciences, Germany
  High Performance Probe for In Vivo Overhauser MRI Mathieu Sarracanie, Ph.D. (on behalf of David Waddington)
    MGH/A.A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging , USA
  A Novel Acoustic Quiet Coil for Neonatal MRI System Christopher M. Ireland, M.Eng.
    University of Cincinnati, USA
  Optimizing the Current-Mode Class D (CMCD) Amplifier for  Michael D. Twieg, M.Sc.
  Decoupling in pTX Arrays Case Western Reserve University, USA
14:30 Electronic Posters (Group 1)  
Computer 1 A 24-Channel Shim Array for Real-Time Shimming of the Human  Ryan J. Topfer, B.Sc.
  Spinal Cord: Characterization & Proof-of-Concept Experiment University of Alberta, Canada
Computer 2 Evaluation of Displacement Currents and Conduction Currents in  Christopher M. Collins, Ph.D.
  a Close Fitting Head Array with High Permittivity Material New York University School of Medicine, USA
Computer 3 Non-Metal Electrodes for Local Field Potential Recordings in  Jennifer M. Taylor, B.Sc.
  Magnetic Resonance Scanners University of Minnesota, USA
14:55 Electronic Posters (Group 2)  
Computer 1 Comparison of 16-channel Stripline & 10-channel Fractionated  M. Arcan Erturk, Ph.D.
  Dipole Transceive Arrays for Body Imaging at 7T University of Minnesota, USA
Computer 2 A 24-channel Quadrature Surface Coil Array for High-Resolution  Pu-Yeh Wu, M.Sc.
  Human Temporal Lobe fMRI at 3T National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Computer 3 Direct SAR Mapping by Thermoacoustic Imaging: Experimental  Simone A. Winkler, Ph.D.
  Proof-of-Concept Stanford University, USA
  Work-In-Progress Poster Session  
14:30 Prediction of RF Preamplifier Noise Temperature Variations in a  Cameron M. Hough, B.Sc.
Computer 4 Magnetic Field University of Alberta, Canada
14:55 Field-Map-Free First-Order Dynamic Shimming Yuhang Shi, B.Sc.
Computer 4   Oxford University, Center for fMRI of Brain, United Kingdom
15:20 Final Thoughts Christoph Juchem, Ph.D.
    Yale University School of Medicine, USA
15:30 Adjournment