ISMRM 24th Annual Meeting & Exhibition 07-13 May 2016 Singapore

Sunrise Educational Session: Techniques for Imaging White Matter

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Organizers: Andrew Alexander, Ph.D. & Jennifer A McNab, Ph.D.

Wednesday 11 May 2016

This course will explore MR techniques for assessing white matter pathology including well-established techniques and relatively new and up-and-coming techniques.

Target Audience
Biologists, neuroscientists, physicians, physicists, and engineers interested in a comprehensive review of white matter neuroimaging.

Educational Objectives
Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the benefits and limitations of established technques for imaging white matter pathology;
  • Discuss how new, emerging techniques for imaging white matter pathology address currently unmet needs; and
  • Describe what each of the white matter imaging techniques can show and in which situations it may be useful.

Moderators: Cornelia Laule
White Matter Imaging: Established Techniques
Mara Cercignani
MRI offers a range of techniques for studying the white matter.This talk will showcase advantages and limitations of the most established ones, starting from the role of conventional techniques in detecting macroscopic abnormalities, to the potential for myelin mapping based on magnetization transfer and multi-component T2 mapping. Validation data and usefulness for clinical applications will be discussed.

White Matter Imaging: Emerging Techniques
Susie Yi Huang1
1Department of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, United States
In the past decade, rapid advancements in MR technology have resulted in more sophisticated and higher strength magnets and gradient systems, introduction of new imaging sequences, and refinement of existing protocols that have furthered our capability to probe cerebral white matter microstructure. These newer methods have the potential to expand our understanding of white matter on a microscopic level. I will discuss emerging techniques for imaging white matter based on the main structural components of white matter from the inside out, focusing on methods for studying axonal microstructure and the quantification of myelin.

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