27th ISMRM Annual Meeting • 11-16 May 2019 • Montréal, QC, Canada

Combined Educational & Scientific Session
Multimodal fMRI: From Animal to Human

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Multimodal fMRI: From Animal to Human
Combined Educational & Scientific Session

ORGANIZERS: Benedikt Poser, Susan Francis, Richard Buxton, Hanzhang Lu

Monday, 13 May 2019
Room 710B  08:15 - 10:15 Moderators:  Xin Yu, Richard Buxton

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Session Number: M-04

An active research area is the combination of innovative fMRI techniques with other state of the art neuro-techniques to provide a deeper probe of brain function in both health and disease, with applications extending from animal models to human studies. This course will provide an overview and sampling of current work in this area, including novel MR imaging and analysis methods and novel combinations of fMRI with current and emerging neuro-techniques, such as genetic tools, optical imaging and electrophysiological recordings. Clinical applications of these methods will be described.

Target Audience
Anyone interested in how electrophysiology relates to BOLD fMRI.

Educational Objectives
As a result of attending this course, participants should be able to:
-Identify the complementary aspects of current neuroimaging and neuro-measurement techniques;
-Describe how multimodal methods are combined in an experimental design to provide a deeper probe of brain function.


Multi-Modal Imaging: From Animal Models to Human
Catie Chang
08:45-09:09   T.B.A.
Multi-modal Imaging in Epilepsy Research
Steven Stufflebeam
09:51-10:03   T.B.A.
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