27th ISMRM Annual Meeting • 11-16 May 2019 • Montréal, QC, Canada

Combined Educational & Scientific Session
Muscle Imaging

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Muscle Imaging
Combined Educational & Scientific Session

ORGANIZERS: Jung-Ah Choi, Riccardo Lattanzi, Emily McWalter, Miika Nieminen, Jan Fritz, Edwin Oei

Tuesday, 14 May 2019
Room 518A-C  13:30 - 15:30 Moderators:  Melissa Hooijmans, Ravinder Regatte

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Session Number: TU-05

Muscles are the actuators of the musculoskeletal system and their function is of utmost importance in healthy and diseased joints. In this session, state-of-the-art MRI of muscle will be discussed, including fat content and other quantitative assessments.

Target Audience
Researchers and clinicians with an interest in MR imaging of muscle.

Educational Objectives
As a result of attending this course, participants should be able to:
- List the advanced MRI techniques used study fat in muscle;
- Describe the advanced quantitative MRI techniques used study muscle; and
- Identify differences in features of healthy and diseased muscle.



Imaging Fat in Muscle
Dimitrios Karampinos
The present educational lecture will provide an overview of the technical aspects of measuring skeletal muscle fat fraction and will discuss recent applications of measuring muscle fat fraction in neuromuscular disorders, orthopedics, metabolic diseases and aging.

Quantitative MRI of Muscle
Gustav Strijkers
In this educational I will introduce the use of quantitative MRI to study muscle injury and disease and discuss various applications.

14:30-15:18   T.B.A.
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